Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men Standing All Day

To find the most comfortable dress shoes for men standing all day can be quite a challenge. Most men find that office appropriate shoes can be hard to wear for long hours at work. They also think that for corporate shoes to be the best, they have to be expensive. That is not true!

We have gathered 11 of the most comfortable business shoes for men standing all day. These dress shoes pair well with the business casual look of a button-up shirt and nice slacks. Believe it or not, there is quite a good selection of “nice looking” shoes out there that are very comfortable. Most of these affordable dress shoes come in between the $50 to $160 price range so that you can easily fit them in your budget.

Remember that you have to wear quality shoes for work. You must not compromise the health of your feet for shoes that are just good-looking. When you stand on your feet all day, it is even more important that you choose shoes that are appropriate for your feet. Inappropriate shoes can cause many feet, back and hip problems. They can also cause injury. In fact, accidents such as slipping and sprains are caused by inappropriate shoes for work.

Well-fitted shoes are necessary. You can become more productive and happier at work if you have the right shoes. Can you imagine working for more than 10 hours with sore feet and aching back? It is not okay for you to work this way. Your job performance and mood will be affected – not to mention that your health will suffer!

It’s time to find the right pair for you. Do your feet hurt at the end of the day? If so, then it is even more important for you to find your foot arch type and gait. Different people have different foot types and that is why visiting a running shoe store to have your foot evaluated is necessary. What shoe works for your colleague at work may not be right for you.

Aside from foot sizes and width, we also have different arch types and gait. You will know this if you will have your foot checked in athletic shoe stores. They will also help you know if you have pronation problems. Do not forget to bring your worn out shoe with you for evaluation.

If your feet do not hurt at the end of the day, then you have right feet and can wear any shoe. But it is good if you find shoes that promote foot health and natural gait.

Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men Standing All Day

The shoes in this list are made by top brands for known for bringing comfort, quality and foot health. They are specially made for business people, professionals and those who stand for more than 10 hours at work.

Many of these shoes come with a removable insole so that you can quickly insert orthotics if you need them. They are suitable for people with bunions, plantar fasciitis, and pronation problems. Some of these shoes also have roomy toe boxes and provide more stability if you need extra arch support to correct pronation. These shoes also come with extra cushioning in the heel and the ball of the feet to help alleviate pressure from walking on cement surfaces at the office. There are also those that are industry-grade slip-resistant for additional safety.

These shoes have been tested by various users and have been proven to help reduce the pain at the end of the day. You can also add special inserts to relieve your feet. However, if the pain persists, we highly recommend that you see a podiatrist for a more professional recommendation.

Rockport Big Bucks Margin Oxford Casual Dress Shoe

If you need a durable pair of casua dress shoes for men, the Northfield is for you. We find that these shoes withstand heavy work environment conditions while remaining comfortable to wear and classy for the office environment as well as casual weekend wear. The Rockport Margin Oxford is crafted with Strobel to support your natural walking motion by providing flexibility. With its narrow, wide and extra wide sizes in five colors, you can easily find one that perfectly fits you!

This Classic design Pain Toe shoe is lined with antimicrobial lining for odor free. The breathable footbed provides additional comfort for on feet all day. The full grain durable leather upper is easy to maintain and clean. The cushioned tongue and collar adds comfort and prevent formation of blisters. The countoured EVA foam footbed helps in proper fitting to your unique feet. The dual density PU outsole helps in reducing foot fatigue by providing shock absorption. The ADIPRENE heel cushioning by adidas sport technology  provides comfort for standing and walking all day.

So if you work all day long and need comfortable casual shoe for walking in the town that you can also wear in the office, try the Big Bucks Marin from Rockport. You will be pleased with the heel padding, style, fit and appearance. These shoes run true to size.

ECCO Helsinki Oxford Shoes for Men

ECCO Men's Helsinki Oxford

ECCO is among the top makes of comfortable Oxfords and Shoes. This brand specializes in creating footwear that promotes healthy, natural foot alignment and gait position, so you have a comfortable walking experience. The ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford is a perfect traditional dress shoe for work. It comes in a simple, classic tie close for adjustability and has a wide width fit over the forefoot to give more room for toe movement. The Helsinki Oxford has durable sole and heels that can last years of daily use while the removal insole of the shoes keeps your feet dry and prevents foot odor.


Bostonian Bolton Dress Slip-On Shoes for Men

Bostonian Men's Bolton Dress Slip-OnThe Bostonian Men’s Bolton Dress Slip-On is the top choice if you are looking for men’s shoes that can be worn at work and on a casual day. The easy, slip-on style of these shoes makes them versatile for all types of the work environment and occasions. The Bolton has a stiffer construction for increased flexibility while its lightweight outsole assists in reducing lift load and foot fatigue.


Dansko Walker Oxford Shoe for 

Dansko Men's Walker OxfordDansko is one of the famous brands of comfortable shoes for men and women. When it comes to business shoes, The Dansko Walker Oxford comes at a good price for its kind. This pair of durable shoes has a slip-resistant outsole that meets the highest industry standards for slip resistance. Its unique construction also offers stability and control, while the high-quality midsole brings excellent shock absorption and additional cushioning. It comes with a lace-up closure for adjustability.

Dunham Douglas Oxford

Dunham by New Balance Men's Douglas Oxford

New Balance is another popular shoe brand when it comes to comfort and is no different when it comes to the Douglas Oxford. These dress shoes are among the most affordable shoes in the selection, but it does not disappoint! This bike-toe oxford has ample wiggle room for your toes and has a removal insert that helps keep foot odor at bay. These affordable Oxford style shoes are flexible and lightweight so you can stand all day at work and your feet will still be okay. The footwear not only looks great at work but because of its trendy and classic style, it looks great in any wear. It also comes in most sizes and widths. People with plantar fasciitis find that this footwear also does not exacerbate their condition. It also has a short break-in period.

Rockport Northfield Waterproof Oxford

Rockport Men's Northfield Waterproof Oxford

If you need a waterproof and durable pair of dress shoes for men, the Northfield is for you. We find that these shoes withstand heavy work environment conditions while remaining comfortable to wear and classy for the office environment. The Rockport Men’s Northfield Waterproof Oxford is crafted to support your natural walking motion. With its narrow, wide and extra wide sizes, you can easily find one the perfectly fits you!


Clarks Unstructured Un.Sheridan Slip On


Traveling a lot on business trips can be made easier with the Clarks Unstructured Un.Sheridan Slip On! These corporate shoes are so comfortable, and light that is wearing them feels almost like you are not wearing anything. The Un Sheridan Slip On is pricier than the other shoes listed here, but it is still less expensive than other shoes and is easier on the feet. We love the soft lambskin lining that helps reduce blisters. We walked on lots of airports and offices in these shoes, and we found out that they do not retain foot odor! This is one of the best shoes for men out there.

Timberland PRO Five Star Soft Toe


If you want shoes that will look good and last for a long time, then the Timberland PRO Five Star Soft Toe is for you. It is stain-resistant and slip-resistant and also prevents foot fatigue with its added support and cushioning. Timberland is also among the shoe brands that make an effort in making their shoes and packaging as sustainable as they can.


Johnston Murphy 

People working in the offices, stores and sales will find the perfect pair in the  Lace-Up. These comfortable men’s shoes are completely waterproof and are durable. They are also comfortable shoes for walking on concrete all day. We found out that people with bunions have no problem wearing these dress shoes because they feel good to wear. These shoes are not only good-looking but can also be used on wet surfaces without any problem.

Dockers Gordon

The Dockers Gordon is among the top choices for people who are looking for budget shoes that they can easily pair with slacks. These are great shoes for their price! The Dockers Gordon is one of the most affordable comfort shoes available in the market. These dress shoes for men fit well and are very comfortable. They are perfect work shoes because they are a little bulkier and sturdier than other dress shoes, but if you are looking for something formal, you can choose something sleeker such as the ECCO Helsinki or the Bostonian Men’s Slip On. For their price, we do not have anything to complain about the Dockers Gordon.


Nunn Bush Beacon St Moc Toe 

The Nunn Bush Beacon St Moc Toe is also another more affordable alternative if you are looking for all-day shoes for work. This pair of shoes is ideal for people with flat feet because they come with a gel-like comfortable foot bed and a dual density midsole that add stability and cushioning. You can also safely walk these shoes in various kinds of surfaces because they are slip-resistant.


Hush Puppies Leverage Slip-On

Hush Puppies is a favorite brand when it comes to high-quality shoes that give all-day comfort. The Leverage Slip-On is one of the best office shoes for men because of its snug fit. It can perfectly fit both wide and narrow feet. The classic slip-on style of these shoes makes them comfortable to wear. These Hush Puppies Dress Shoes dry fast when wet. Plus, they do not smell bad after a long day at the office.



The Above Review are some of the most comfortable dress shoes for men standing all day. Most of these shoes are made from top brands such as New Balance, Dansko, ECCO and Hush Puppies whose sole focus is creating shoes that promote feet health and comfort. Because of the classic and clean styles of these shoes, you can easily find a pair that matches your corporate or casual wear so that you do not have to sacrifice comfort for work. People with foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet and bunions discovered that they became more productive at work by wearing these comfortable shoes. To help alleviate the pain in your feet, hips, and legs, we highly suggest that you wear shoes that promote the natural gait. Adding inserts such as the Dr. Schols pad will also help correct any foot problems and add cushioning and relief for your feet. We discovered that this pillow pad will make any shoe better. If you have a dress shoe that is uncomfortable to wear, just add this pad. It is a lifesaver!


If you have foot problems, we highly recommend that you change your footwear every six months. Worn out shoes are bad for the feet and your overall posture. Inserts can help a lot if you are on a tight budget. The shoes that we mentioned in this review are affordable and can be bought at discount prices online. Make sure to have your actual size taken on a nearby shoe store before purchasing a pair online. Most of these shoes also come in wide, narrow and extra wide sizes so that you can easily find one that fits you. Because they are built for long hours of walking and standing, you can count these shoes not to hurt your feet at the end of the day. Remember: You do not have to sacrifice comfort for stylish shoes when you have to stand for hours. These reviews will help you in selecting the perfect pair of men’s dress shoes for you!

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