Comfortable Work Shoes For Women Standing All Day

If you have a job that requires standing or walking all day long, sacrificing comfort for style is a bad idea. Over time, high heels, for example, will most likely lead to various issues, such as tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and overall, foot, leg and back pain.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable shoes for a woman who stands all day, you’ve come to the right place. Do your feet hurt? Perhaps it’s because you’re wearing the wrong type of shoe. If you have to stand on the job all day long, then you’ll need shoes that absorb shock and reduce the stress of impact on your feet. This sort of shoe will help to ease our discomfort, and be easy on your knees, feet and back. They can also contribute to preventing injury that can be caused by standing long hours.

One of the easiest solutions to back pain and knee pain is to wear the right sort of shoes when you’re working on your feet all day. Some top well-known companies manufacture Athletic shoes with thick soles, excellent cushioning and arch support. If you’re not allowed to wear sneakers at your job, then you can find shoes that have heels 2 inches or lower. The front of the shoe should always be flexible, and they should, of course, be lightweight and breathe. Also, make sure they fit well. Avoid shoes that are too tight because tight shoes will cause blisters and will lead to complications down the road.  Always try to buy shoes with a removable footbed so that you can quickly change your insoles with more cushioning if you need it. Gel insoles are excellent and must frequently be replaced if you work long hours. It’s a good idea to have several pair of shoes especially if you find a brand that is comfortable and works well for you. Rotate them during the week and your feet will thank you. Lastly, if your feet hurt a lot in spite of wearing a pair of well-padded padded shoes with good arch support, visit the local New Balance shoe store for free foot evaluation and type of shoe recommendation for your feet.

Always try to buy shoes with a removable footbed so that you can quickly change your insoles with more cushioning if you need it. Gel insoles are excellent and must frequently be replaced if you work long hours. It’s a good idea to have several pair of shoes especially if you find a brand that is comfortable and works well for you. Rotate them during the week and your feet will thank you. Lastly, if your feet hurt a lot in spite of wearing a pair of well-padded padded shoes with good arch support, visit the local New Balance shoe store for free foot evaluation and type of shoe recommendation for your feet.

The good news is, nowadays shoes come in a wide variety of styles and materials, and if you know where to look, you will always find shoes to provide you with the best comfort for your long working hours. In fact, here are two of the most comfortable work shoes for women standing all day.

Most Comfortable Work Shoes for Women Standing All Day

Here are a few of the most comfortable shoes for women that will help in alleviating the foot, leg and back pain by rebalancing the weight on your feet and realigning your feet to the natural position. They all provide an excellent arch support; well-cushioned footbed, low heel, wide toe box, firm midsole and some offer deep heel cup. Try them on until you find a fitted pair of shoes for your work. The rocker sole shoes provide protection for your feet especially for standing all day. Avoid wearing shoes that are too flexible.

Dansko Helen Fashion Sneaker

Dansko Women's Helen Fashion Sneaker

Made of breathable upper material and one of my favorite, Dansko Helen cute shoes are one of the most comfortable and supportive shoes available. They are less rigid than Dansko Clogs because of the Strobel material for flexibility, but it is not as soft as the athletic shoes. They do not require to break in. They are lace up sneakers so that you can adjust the fit and they come with soft fabric lining inside. The mesh or leather upper is treated with Scotchguard for stain resistant. They offer a lot of cushioning with EVA foam midsole and support for anyone who has a job that requires standing all day long. The lightweight injected midsole with stability shank provides support and shock absorption. The contoured footbed comes with removable memory foam and EVA foam, and it can be replaced with custom orthotics or gel insoles. The durable and flexible outsole provide excellent traction. They are 9 oz in weight with only medium width from 5.5 to 12 sizes in many colors.

If you need a comfortable shoe for standing all day, Try Dansko Helen for arch support and the elimination of foot pain.


MERRELL ENCORE BREEZE 3These are one of the most comfortable shoes for women standing all day you’ll ever have in your closet. Air cushioned inside heals will help absorb shocks. Q form technology that helps you to stabilize hip, joint and back pain. Comfortable, lightweight and rubber outsoles give you excellent traction for walking. Breathable upper mesh keeps your feet dry. They are easy to slip off and on and match just about everything. They are stain resistant, waterproof and super easy to clean.


CLARKS WAVE.TREK FASHION SNEAKERAPMA approval makes these a winner and one of the most comfortable shoes women can buy. If you’re standing all day long and want a flexible forefront with a removable foot bed, this is the shoe for you. Excellent arch supports these waterproof uppers are the ideal solution for preventing back pain and joining pain. Soft lining helps to prevent blisters, and the supportive insoles give arches support. Pricey, but worth it, these shoes provide all day long comfort and are worth every cent. Excellent shoes for everyday wear and ideal for travel. If you need a roomier toe box, these are ideal as they also come in a wide size. Comfortable from the start you won’t have to break in.

Clarks Un.loop

Clarks Un.loopThe Clarks Un.loop is a versatile choice for their dark leather and lightweight. The shoes only weigh 9 oz. And the sole is made of a special lightweight material to reduce the strain on your feet and ankle if you have to walk a lot during your day. The shoes feature some exhaust vents so you can feel comfortable even in hot weather, and the breathable mesh of the fabric makes these shoes an ideal choice all year long. You will also enjoy the insoles designed to reduce friction that can be removed if needed.

The Clarks Un.loop are ideal for any job that requires you to stand and walk since the heel only measures an inch, which allows for proper posture and circulation. This small heel should help reduce back pain and other similar issues. The shoes also include some cushioning and rubber outsole pads. These two features absorb shocks very well and keep your feet comfortable as you stand, walk or go up and down stairs.

These shoes are very discreet with their black leather and black soles. The snug fit will help you get used to these shoes very quickly, and you will not have to wait for the materials to break in to benefit from the comfort and support of the Clarks Un.loop.

The Clarks Unstructured come in quite a variety of colors, such as blue, black, bronze, brown, brown-gray and burgundy. They’re extremely light shoes, made of soft leather, that does not require breaking. They’re excellent, all-seasons shoes, allowing the foot to breathe well when it’s hot, yet keeping it warm during cold days.

Topline is cushy, and grips the ankle gently, without rubbing, and overall, due to the soft leather, the shoes adapt nicely on any type of foot. The sole is designed to offer excellent arch support. Also, you can add orthotic inserts if you want, they’re roomy enough. However, the original insoles of these Clarks provide excellent cushioning as well.

The outsole is made of synthetic material, with two rubber sections on the heel and front part, for a better grip.

Finally, these Clarks have a fine design, with nice stitchings and button detailing, which you will simply love. They go well with denims and slacks, and will serve their purpose superlatively, keeping your feet at ease all day long.

Alegria Seville Professional

Alegria Seville ProfessionalThe Algeria Seville Professional was designed for health and hospitality professionals in mind and is among the most comfortable shoes for women standing. The design of the shoes makes it very easy to take them off or put them on in a matter of seconds, which is perfect if you have to change quickly to get ready for work.

The most interesting feature of these shoes is probably the adjustable strap. You can choose to wear the swivel strap across your instep or adjust it to get more support by adding a back strap to the shoes.

The soles of the shoes are designed to help you adopt a good posture. The bottom of the shoe is flat to improve stability, and the shoe aims to reduce pressure on your heel and in the center of the feet, which is ideal if you have been suffering from pain.

These clogs are incredibly comfortable thanks to the extra cushioning and the rocker outsole that will put a spring in your step even at the end of a long shift. The leather interior makes these shoes a great choice all year long.

The Algeria Seville Professional are a good choice if you need to wear some orthotics soles since the footbeds can be easily removed and replaced with custom ones.

Keen Presidio

Keen PresidioThe Keen Presidio is among the most comfortable shoes for women standing even though they do not look like clogs. With their Oxford lace design, the Keep Presidio could be a pair of regular sneakers.

However, the additional features designed with comfort, stability and good posture in mind make these shoes ideal for your work long shifts. The shoes only weigh a little over 10 oz. and feature an EVA footbed for comfort.

These are your go-to comfortable shoes if you work in an environment where spills and other accidents can happen. The Keen Presidio have special anti-slip soles to keep you safe, as well as toe protection and are made from a resistant and waterproof material.

Klogs Footwear Naples

Klogs Footwear Naples

The Klogs Footwear Naples is a stylish pair of shoes that come in a variety of finishes. The shoes are designed to fit perfectly with their rounded toe box and the extra padding on the collar of the shoes.

The shoes include polyurethane midsole platforms that are designed to absorb shocks. This is an excellent choice if you have to walk a lot since the thick soles and lightweight will help you preserve your energy. The soles are also slip-resistance, which makes the Klogs Footwear Naples a good option if you work in a kitchen or in another environment where accidents could happen.

ECCO Babett Tie

ECCO Babett TieThe ECCO Babett Tie are an excellent choice if you need a pair of professional shoes that work with some outfits and do not look like clogs or sneakers. The shoes are very flexible and feature a leather interior and a comfortable textile lining.

The shoes only weigh 9 oz and the PU outsole with TPU inserts will provide you with the support and shock-absorption capabilities you need to avoid experiencing pain and discomfort during a long day at work.

The shoes also include some comfortable insoles to provide you with the additional padding and keep your feet cool.

Mephisto Lilou Mary Jane Flat

Mephisto Women's Lilou Mary Jane FlatVery soft and lightweight, this shoe provides comfort for being on feet all day. Expensive but well worth it, you will find that you have a cushiony airsoft pillowy bed for your feet. Durable outer sole, light weight and excellent traction these are ideal if you’re on your feet all day long. Great arch support and very breathable. If you want a bit more arch support, you can add gel insoles at a reasonable price just remember to change them often so that they won’t wear out too quickly.

These five most comfortable shoes for women standing are options you should consider if you need clogs or sneakers that will keep your feet comfortable and provide you with the support you need. Look for a pair of shoes that is adapted to the kind of environment you work in and check with your employer to see if your shoes need to meet any standards.

Dansko Ingrid Clog

There are quite a few versions of Dansko Ingrid Oiled for women. All of them maintain the same design though the leatherwork being the only difference. The oiled full grain version looks quite fabulous, and even though clogs aren’t exactly the most stylish shoes for women, if you pair them with the right casual attire, you can pull quite a nice and stylish look. They also feature a little bit of heel – a 2 inches high.

Speaking of comfort, these Danskos provide a superb arch support and stability. Also, there’s the option of wearing the strap over the heel, for a better grip, in case you have very slim feet. Although they don’t provide cushioning like athletic shoes and the sole seems quite hard, your feet will feel right at home in them.

The sole is made of synthetic material, and for the oiled full grain Danskos, it looks similar to cork, coated with a thin layer of durable synthetic rubber, which makes them quite anti-slippery.

These shoes are built to last. They’re made from high quality, strong, waterproof (hence oiled) leather. A pair will serve you well for many years, keeping your feet healthy and happy.

If you’re looking for comfortable shoes for walking or standing up all day, loafers should always be on your list. And speaking about loafers, Clarks have always made excellent women’s footwear of this sort.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned shoes are few of the most comfortable shoes for women standing all day that you can buy for your work.

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