Best Work Shoes For Men Standing All Day

Do you have a job that requires you to stand for 8 or more hours on your feet?  Do you need to find a pair of shoes that are both affordable and very comfortable?  If you want to find best work shoes for standing all day, there are several things you need to consider first before purchasing them:


  • What type of work do you do?  Are you a cashier, chef, retail worker, nurse, and teacher or construction worker?  Chefs and nurses need slip resistant shoes.  Construction workers need steel toe shoes. Consider buying athletic running shoes if you stand or walk on concrete floor all day long.  Also stand on anti fatigue mats if you work standing at one place all day.
  • Is there a dress code at your place of employment? For example, nursing students must wear white shoes only.
  • Flats offer very little to no support.  Therefore, they are off the list.
  • It is very important to have a perfect fit.  Your shoes shouldn’t be either too tight or too loose.  Velcro strips and shoe laces help with adjusting the fit.
  • The heel on your work shoes should range from 1/4 inch to 2 inches.  The heels of the shoes need to be well padded to absorb shock.
  • Work Shoes should have a flexible forefoot area.
  • The work shoes should be well cushioned and padded with excellent arch support.
  • Foot types and conditions vary- wide foot, bunions, low arch, and high arch.  So get some shoes that offer removable insoles just in case the insoles need to be replaced

Best Work Shoes For Men Standing All Day

Here are some of the most stylish and affordable comfortable work shoes for standing all day long for women and men.  You should be able to find a best pair from this list that fits your budget as well as your feet and type of work.

New Balance 512 Work Shoes

These are durable, comfortable and well-padded work shoes that offer an exceptional oil resistant and slip resistant outsole. They provide excellent cushioning due to EVA midsole.  They are flexible and have wide toe box.  However they come with standard heel width, lower instep, standard toe box depth and standard forefront width.  The arch support is moderate and insoles can be removable.

The shoes run narrow and small.  According to some Amazon reviews, if your feet are a normal size you might need to order wide and one size up.

Overall, these shoes are slip resistant, lightweight, well cushioned and durable.  These features make these very comfortable work shoes for almost any work environment.   They are only available in black color for both men and women.



 Dansko Shoes

These come in different styles for men and women.  They are among the most popular work shoes for all kinds of jobs.



These are slip on shoes have good arch support and a cushioned insole that will keep you comfortable, even if you have to stand all day long.  They have excellent full foot support and a sporty look.  The inner lining of the shoe molds to your foot to provide a better fit.  They also come with stylish upper leather and the slip resistant sole make the shoe a perfect work shoe for hospital workers and chefs.


Timberland Five Star Shoes



These shoes have been designed for hospital, restaurant as well as other workers who spend the entire day on their feet.  The Ashford Oxfords have slip resistant soles for dry and wet surfaces as well as anti-fatigue technology.  These shoes can either be worn in the office as dress shoes or with casual clothing.  They can be worn for standing during 10-12 hours shifts without suffering tired and achy feet.




The Timberland Renova comes in white and other colors.

Overall, Timberland shoes offer plenty of comforts, support and quality.  They are easy to clean and lightweight.


  Skechers Shoes

This fashionable shoe brand includes shoes for everyone in the family.  They also offer work shoes in different styles.


This is a casual and comfortable work shoe designed to wear in the office.  The shoes are slip resistant and come with a removable and cushioned footbed insole.  The midsole includes shock absorbing.  Skechers combine safety with style to be safe to wear for electric hazards.

These shoes slip easily on and off, are affordable and are dressy enough to wear to the office yet also can serve as a casual shoe.  They fit and feel good.  The non-slip sole is quite comfortable and holds up even after you have stood on your feet for 8 hours.



These shoes are slip resistant, slip on easily, safe to wear for electrical hazards and very comfortable.  They are easy to clean, very comfortable and fit well.


 Clarks Shoes




The shoes are made from the highest quality material.  They require no break in and are very comfortable.  The shoes have a lambskin lining to prevent irritation and blisters and also for softness.  They come with a removable insole.  The airflow system is quite unique and allows your feet to remain dry and cool.  The shoes are lightweight and come with an ultra flexible EVA sole to help avoid foot fatigue due to standing all day.  They provide good traction and shocks are absorbed by the rubber outsole.  These make excellent work shoes for teachers and others who work all day on their feet.  They are very functional and won’t hurt your feet, but are a bit on the pricy side.  You don’t have to break these shoes in, and from day one they are comfortable.  They are very durable and high quality shoes.





All of the shoes described above are very comfortable work shoes if you have to stand all day.  Choose the pair that best fits your working environment and your feet.

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