Best White Shoes for Nursing School

Nursing is a very demanding and satisfying job.  I love being a nurse but being on feet all day was a painful experience for many months when I started the clinical. At the end of the day, both my feet and legs were achy and swollen due to on feet all day.

After talking to my fellow nurses about my feet problem, I was successful to find a pair of best white shoes online, which provided me the best arch support and cushioning. Having the right support for my feet made a huge difference, allowing feeling much more relaxed throughout the workday and of course after work as well. They also slip resistant, and I can walk all day without any risk of slipping. They are easy to clean. These shoes are toe closed and are designed for hospital workers.

If you are a nurse looking for best white shoes for nursing school, do you know which ones are the best? All of your options may provide extra padding and support, but some of your choices are a few notches above the rest, preferred by many in the nursing field. Don’t end your shift with aches and pains; instead, be able to go the distance with the right shoe support.

The white leather clog for women nurses and men nurses available from Dansko Professional is one of the top choices available. The heel is a full two inches with the platform itself measuring a full 3/4 of an inch. The shoe provides you with a contoured leather insole, and each one of these shoes is man-made, attesting to the quality that goes into each pair.

The leather of Dansko professional clogs will protect your feet from accidental falling of sharp objects and slip resistant outsole will prevent injury from slippage. The rigid rocker bottom sole will provide you enough support for standing and walking all day.

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes that was too close against your heel? Throughout a busy day, this shoe rubs your heel over and over again. There is a protective barrier with each of these shoes to help prevent this, and there is also extra space to allow for cushioning using this barrier instead of consistent rubbing.

Timberland Pro Renova

This very popular white hand-stitched shoe features a heel that is a half-inch less than the size of the Dansko Professional shoe, but the platform size is the same. These shoes extremely slip resistant thanks to the extra grip on the outsole. This shoe also boasts and anti-fatigue technology and support that not only protects your feet throughout the day but helps support your legs and back as well. This popular slip-on shoe is very stylish and offers the best in versatility and mobility for all nurses.

Crocs Mercy Clog for Women Nurses

While these nursing shoes only feature a one-inch heel, they provide the same level of comfort as the other shoes mentioned thanks to utilizing the right materials. These shoes are also man-made, featuring slip resistant and odor resistant technology. Crocs have known for their comfort, and they have undoubtedly made their way into the nursing field as well. This shoe even has footbed circulation nubs to go along with the arch support for increased blood circulation throughout the day.

Skechers Premium-Premix for Women Nurses

These shoes have a little extra style and flare to them to go along with the increased cushion bedding and arch support that are typical of the top nursing shoes on the market. They also boast a padded ankle collar and are slip-on as their name suggests even though they are a tennis shoe hybrid. There are no laces, and there is a padded EVA midsole also to provide extra comfort to your feet during the day.

All five of these nursing shoes are excellent choices, and one thing you have to consider is which style you like. The details about comfort have been provided. While these five shoes aren’t necessarily equal, they are the best selections. So, if you choose a style that fits you among these top five choices, you can’t go wrong.

Alpro G 500

Alpro manufactures some of the best leather nursing shoes available on the market, complete with leather/cork insoles, Alpr-cell sole, and Velcro buckles. While this shoe comes in a variety of other colors, nurses are going to want to choose the white option of course. This shoe also features a raised toe bar to aid with your grip and a durable EVA outsole.

The Skechers and Crocs offer more modern style and design while the other three white nursing shoes are more traditional. Either way, you go, your feet will be thanking you as you give them the necessary support to see you ending your nursing shift without ending up in pain.

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