Best Shoes for Standing All Day for Men

Working long shifts, in a working environment where you are required to stand or walk all the time, can result in extreme back pain, foot pain or various walking issues. These can make your working hours a living hell, affect your focus and the quality of your work.

One of the best solutions to prevent or eliminate problems of this nature is a comfortable pair of shoes. But when it comes to shoes, comfort is often sacrificed for style. Of course, almost everyone wants to be stylish, but when your feet and back start to hurt badly, due to the discomfort of your shoes, the pretty design of your shoes simply loses its appeal.

Therefore, here are some of the best shoes for standing all day for men. All the shoes on this list are designed for comfort, provide an excellent arch support, they’re lightweight, flexible and durable, comprising all the properties the shoes of a hard working man must have.

It’s only normal to look for a solid, but soft and comfortable pair of shoes, especially if you have to stand up day long, and make it through double shifts, without any pain. Now typically, any man would think athletic shoes are a great choice, but they simply don’t fit into your working outfit every time. Therefore, here are two of the most comfortable shoes for men standing all day.

Dansko Wyatt

When it comes to comfort in terms of shoes, Danskos should always have to be situated atop any list. The Wyatt loafers from Dansko, don’t make an exception from these comfort standards.

To define better the comfort term in this particular pair of shoes, one of the first things to tell is that they are APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) approved. In other words, these shoes are designed to provide superlative arch support, and can unquestionably take the place of a pair of orthopedic shoes. The removable footbed offers excellent cushioning, and also comes with an antimicrobial and PU midsole. The interior of the shoe is wide enough to fit in almost any other type of insoles, such as Dr. Scholl’s or over-the-counter orthotics.

The outer sole is made of synthetic rubber (Nitrile), which takes quite some weight off these shoes, making them lightweight. However, the mid part of the heel and the mid of the front part of the sole are made of rubber, which gives these Danskos good, anti-slip properties.

Dansko Wyatt are leather-made and come in two color versions, black and mocha. There’s excellent craftsmanship in the leather of these shoes. The top line is cushioned and rounded, to prevent the shoe from cutting or bruising your ankles. Leatherwork is slip resistant to spills and stains, making these Danskos a great choice for restaurant kitchen staff, or medical staff etc.

All in all, the Dansko Wyatt are some of the best shoes for standing up all day for men. They’re shoes designed to last, to provide all the comfort your feet need during a long hour shift. You can be sure that with these Danskos your feet, your calves and your back will be free from a lot of stress and pain.

New Balance MW 928 Walking Shoes

New Balance has always been known to provide excellent athletic footwear. And when it comes to shoes for walking and standing all day, the New Balance MW 928 is an outstanding choice.

As their name suggests, these are shoes for power walking, designed to provide superior stability and comfort for walking long distances or standing all day. They are also approved by Medicare diabetic code, and recommended to people with arthritis, or various foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet etc. You can be sure that these shoes are some of the best shoes for standing all day for men.

The interior provides excellent arch support and a very comfortable, removable footbed, with increased shock absorption and a wide, soft toe-box.

Just as any athletic shoe should, the MW 928 offer the necessary amount of ventilation for the feet, the design having enough air holes, in the front part. The top line is generously cushioned for a very smooth impact on the ankles, Achille’s tendon and malleolus bones. The shoes are flexible, stretchy and can easily accommodate to almost any foot structure. This also makes it possible to fit in any type of orthotic sole.

The shoes are leather-made, and they’re available in extra wide size (6EE). These New Balance are actually made for all types of feet. However, for people with bulky feet they might require some breaking before taking them to a long walk, jog, or for standing up long hours at work.

The outsole is completely rubber-made, with a slip-resistant design. The mid-sole is made of synthetic rubber and equipped Rollbar technology, which prevents rear foot movement inside the shoe.

To conclude, the New Balance MW 928 Walking Shoes are great shoes for walking and standing. They are recommended for physiotherapy, people with walking issues, painful back and feet. They offer a great combo of comfort, flexibility and durability.

Mephisto is one of the names in the footwear industry that is and will always be associated with first-class comfort and aspect. In case you’ve been looking for a pair of high-quality, comfortable shoes for standing up long shifts or walking a lot, these Mephisto Match Walking Shoes are a fabulous choice.

They’re made from very soft, yet durable leather, that does not require any breaking in wearing them at work. The topline has softened, round edges and fits gently on the foot, with extra cushioning on the heel cap finish. The interior of the shoe is roomy, great for people with high arches, and they provide excellent arch support. They’re also very light shoes, which adds up to the overall comfort.

The midsole is made with Soft-Air technology, designed for peerless comfort and shock absorption, offering excellent protection for your joints and spinal column. Even though the insole is simple, without any cushioning, you can always add orthotic insoles if needed.

The outsole is Caoutchuc rubber-made, flat, offering great stability, very flexible and highly durable, retaining its flexibility for the entire lifetime of the shoe. It will never harden or crack over time.

There are several versions of Men’s Mephisto Match. They come in black, white, brown, dark brown, birch and cream, all leather of various types, such as nubuck, vintage, desert grain and others. Compared to other shoes designed for comfort, these are also quite stylish. They go well with basically any type of jeans or khakis, a fine choice in terms of casual shoes.

When speaking of the most comfortable shoes for men standing all day, ECCO Biom is also a brand that should be brought into the discussion. These are actually a hybrid between athletic shoes and hiking shoes, which makes them excellent for walking and standing.

They’re also leather-made, with quite an aesthetic leatherwork and modern stitching. Although the leather in them is rather rigid, after breaking they simply amazing. Currently there’s only one version, brown leather, with a few blue textile inclusions in the stitching, which gives the shoe an appealing look.

They have a roomy toebox, and they’re also flexible enough to adapt easily to people with wide feet, even if there isn’t (so far) a wide size option.

They provide superior cushioning in their tongue, topline, heel cap and midsole. The top part of the heel cap is V-shaped, providing excellent Achille’s tendon support, and securing a better fit of the shoe on the foot. Although the tongue of these ECCOs is cushioned, the cushioning isn’t extremely thick, just as for sports shoes, being actually just about the right thickness for walking and standing.

Great arch support comes from the midsole, which is similar to the one in athletic shoes, making these ECCOs an excellent choice for people with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or joints / back pains.

The outsole is rubber-made, quite flexible and anti-slip, ideal for working environments where wet floors can become a hazard.

All in all, these ECCO Biom are excellent general purpose shoes. They’re a perfect match for jeans of all kinds.

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