Best Shoes for Standing All Day for Foot Pain Relief

What type of shoes do you prefer? What is your style? The truth is that, no matter what you like regarding shoes, comfort should always come first. Especially if you have a job that requires standing or walking for a longer period, comfort is of the essence. The best shoes for standing all day long, may not be the most stylish ones, but they will keep your feet healthy, and absolve you from discomfort and foot pain. Now, the question is, which would be the shoes for standing all day? Well, to answer this question, all we need is to put on the list, a few features which maximize the comfort of any shoe.

First of all, everyone’s feet are unique and proper fit and right size is important. Also, People that stand for long hours need lateral stability. Therefore, high heels are out of the question. They put a lot of strain on your entire legs and spinal column. Heels with a maximum 2-inch length are enough. Flexibility is also a crucial characteristic for comfy shoes. Now, in this case, you may think “running shoes”. But certain working environments disallows this type of shoes, and also they do not offer good support. Therefore, you must opt for shoes with a classic cut. Also, the material of the shoes has to be soft that allow the feet to conform and breathe. Cold feet happen to be a problem for many people. This can be accentuated by the poor heating of the working environment. Evidently, in this case, your shoes must keep your feet warm. Most commonly the cause of foot pain is the worn out old shoes. Therefore, try to replace your shoes every six months if you wear them every day. Use over the counter insoles if you need extra cushioning and support depending on your foot problem. If you still experience foot pain, you may need to see the podiatrist for biomechanical foot analysis and shoe recommendation. Last but not least, the best shoes for standing all day must be with roomy toe box, well-cushioned and provide an excellent arch support.

Now, to draw the line, let’s see what shoes are the best for you, regardless if you are a retail worker, nurse, chef, teacher or student. You will need well fitted lightweight shoes, which provide a good arch support, with excellent cushioning, low heels and maybe a rocker sole, with the removable footbed, with excellent flexibility, shoes that will keep your feet aired (in hot places) and warm (in cold places). The trick is to find the shoes for standing long hours with these qualities that also look fabulous, and can easily be paired with the outfits you already have. In fact, I’ve done the research for you, and I suggest to  start with the ones below:

Best Shoes for Standing All Day Reviews

These shoes offer firm midsole and provide excellent arch support.

Dansko Clogs

Dansko Clogs MenMy job requires standing for at least 7-8 hours, five days a week, and during the working hours, I hardly find any time to sit in a chair and give my feet, my legs, and my back a bit of a rest. Swollen feet became quite a problem in the past years for me, so I’ve been trying various types of shoes that address this issue, focusing on comfort. Out of all that I’ve tried, I have to say that Dansko Clogs are by far, the most comfortable ones. I’m wearing a pair right now.

These clogs are designed to absorb a lot of shocks when I walk and stand on a hard surface, which is not only great for the feet, they also take away a lot of the stress in my back alleviating back pain and strain, and help a lot with posture improvement. Their thick and rocker sole offer a lot of stability and adherence to the ground. These Dansko clogs come with a layered, thick sole, which keeps my feet warm during winter. The leather is extremely durable. The spill of water, coffee, tea or anything that you might spill, won’t penetrate. It’s also very resistant to piercing. It’s not that easy to poke a hole in them if you hit a sharp object.

The interior of these Danskos is quite roomy, and this probably is the main factor that relieved me from the swelling feet problem. On top of this, the Pro Version come with memory foam inserts, which make them feel very cushiony. The Dansko Pro XP Clogs of stapled professional clogs with additional features such as lightweight, rocker sole, slip resistant and removable footbed. Although they seem a little bit bulky, they’re quite cute and light for a pair of leather shoes of this caliber with layered durable soles. APMA also accepts them. I currently have two new pairs in reserve, just in case for any reason they will stop the manufacturing of this an exceptional type of footwear.

If you need a sturdy pair of shoes for standing all day, Dansko Clogs will provide you enough support and comfort to reduce foot, knee and back pain.

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Alegria Emma Shoes for Women

Alegria Emma for WomenClogs not only come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, but their final purpose also varies. If initially they were made for agricultural, outdoors physical activities, and later for dance, nowadays there are many varieties made for many purposes and different types of attire. One of the newest types of clogs that fit the attire office category is the Alegria Emma. These Alegria shoes for women are designed for standing and walking all day.

sThese Alegria clogs feature a closed heel design. Like in most clogs, the mini rocker sole is made to offer a superior arch support.  The outsoles are made of synthetic material, similar to rubber, finished with a slip-resistant PU outsole. The complete upper of the Emma clogs from Alegria is made of stain-resistant leather. This type of polished leather is also waterproof up to a certain point. However, these shoes are far from having the waterproof degree of most trek or hiking shoes.The

The leather upper is pretty soft, and the shoes should feel comfortable as you put them on. Although the collar isn’t entirely padded, they do feature an Achille’s tendon guard, to reduce the risks of any bruising or scraping. Evidently, since they’re slip-on clogs, the upper incorporates elastic gore segments, to ensure an easy removal or equipping.

The construction of the footbed is one of the main comfort factors that should be mentioned here. It consists of a combination of memory foam, cork, and polyurethane. The thin layer of memory foam will quickly adapt to your foot, rendering the necessary comfort for walking right away. However, if the footbed still requires adjustment and accommodation to your feet, the cork segment will take care of that, given some time. The insoles of these Alegria clogs are removable, though. Thus, you can replace them with custom orthotic insoles if it’s the case. These shoes offer roomy toe box.

The Alegria Emmas are available in various models with a different finish, such as Masonry Black, Nappa Black or Waxy Black. These have a simple, professional aspect, making an excellent choice for an office attire. However, you’ll also find several models with a more posh finish, such as Metal Rain or Bronze Bouquet.

If you are looking a rigid rocker sole shoe with wide toe box for standing all day that provides superior arch support and shock absorption, check out Alegria line of shoes.

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Alegria Chairman Shoes

Alegria The Chairman Slip OnAlegria The Chairman Slip On are my hot summer days comfy shoes for work. They combine well style with comfort, even though they have a rather peculiar look. I like the style, though. I opted for black on the pair I bought, but they come in a wide variety of colors. These Alegrias look very cheerful; most models have at least one element that brightens them up. For example, the Alegria The Chairman Slip-On Flats have a butterfly on the side of the sole, and a beautiful, engraved snap fastener for the buckle.

Even though their sole looks rather hard, the interior provides an exceptional cushioning for the feet and a very nice arch support. The sole is thick, made of rubber material, with a heel up to 1.5″, but slightly lower than the Danskos and Timberlands, which are about 1.75″ high. This type of rocker sole makes walking very comfortable. They are not extremely roomy, but there is plenty of space for your toes to wiggle. And due to the fact they’re made in a slip on style, your feet will benefit from a lot of breathing.

The leather in these shoes is soft; they felt perfect when I first tried them on, without any breaking. The inner memory foam footbed is removable so that you can replace it with your insole, or orthotic insole, in case you have any problems with your feet. Anyway, I find these shoes very supportive and comfy. I’m able to wear them a full shift without any pain of discomfort.

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Timberland PRO Branston Moc Toe Work Shoe

Timberland PRO Men's Branston Moc Toe Slip-On Work Shoe

These are also extremely comfortable shoes. When I bought them, it only felt like they were made for my feet. There are quite many similarities between the Timberland PRO and Dansko XP, but there are also a few little differences that made me place them as 3rd on this list.

First of, the Timberland PRO are very stylish, but with simpler lines than Dansko, and a little bit more sporty. Also, there are fewer colors available than for Dansko. I think these shoes are specifically geared for hospital staff, black, white and chestnut being the only colors that I could find. The comfort is superior, the leather is soft, but before taking them to work, I had to “break” them by wearing them a bit around the house. However, I don’t think that’s a necessity.

They are also roomy as the Danskos, and they provide excellent arch support, stability, and comfy footbed. The heel-to-heel rocker sole is an excellent shock attenuator, minimizing foot pressure as well. Needless to say, they also help with posture, offering superior leg and back support. The only thing that I don’t like so much about these shoes is the slightly thinner edge of the top line and a narrower opening. I’ve had problems before with shoes with a thin top line, as they cut my ankles. Although it was not the case with the Timberland PRO, as their top line is rather soft, it might be a problem to other people as feet come in different shapes.

As a final word here, along with the Danskos, the Timberland PRO are the best shoes to wear in healthcare, education or food industry, shoes designed to provide support and comfort for people standing up longer periods of time.

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NEW BALANCE 928Although I don’t find much time to walk these days, I’ll have to say that regarding walking shoes, New Balance 928 are the best choice I’ve made lately. These are clearly a good product when it comes to quality, aspect and comfort. They have very simple, clean and smooth lines, providing an excellent grip on your foot, but without being too tight (if you’re wearing the right size, of course). They provide a lot of comfort in case you have to stand for a long time or walk long distances. Although I’m not a big fan of sports shoes, I wore them at work a few times, and my feet and back felt great they do not hurt.

They’re leather-made, and the leatherwork is quite excellent and durable with just enough breathing points, so the feet won’t excessively heat up during walking. The sole is rubber-made, flat and flexible in the forefront, with just about a perfect amount of cushioning in the midsole. However, they are not anti-slip. I’ve noticed that on metal or wet metal surfaces stability isn’t that great, but rather than that; these shoes offer an excellent ground adherence. The inside of the New Balance 928 is very comfortable and cozy. Even though they are not cushioning shoes, the insoles provide enough comfort. Anyway, you can always add more support to them by inserting memory foam insoles, for example, because they offer removable footbed.

The toe box is deep and roomy which allows to wiggle toes freely. There is an antibacterial lining that makes them odorless.  Therefore, these are perfect for people who are diabetics.  They are approved for diabetic Medicare code. These shoes are also quite light, but due to the fact the sole is made of rubber, they’re not as light as it gets. I’ve had lighter shoes than these, and the bottom was made from silicone. However, one of the things that I didn’t like about the silicone-soled shoes was the excessive rubbing inside the shoe.

All in all, my conclusion on these shoes is that they provide excellent comfort, stability due to motion control technology, they’re great for wearing if you have to stand up for many hours, and they can sure alleviate problems such as plantar fasciitis, the one that I’ve been dealing for a long while.  They are famous for any type of problem feet as many podiatrists recommend them.

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CROCS Bistro CLOGAlthough many people would agree that style can never be used in the same sentence with crocs, this type of footwear does not aim for style, but comfort. Anyway, the Crocs Bistro Clogs don’t look half bad as your average Crocs, and they sure provide a beautiful array of benefits. First of first, they’re made from an antiseptic and odor resistant synthetic material.

They are 100% waterproof, easy to clean up, low maintenance, highly durable, which makes them perfect for outdoors, stand-up labor. I got a pair for working in my vegetable garden. But since they don’t look as bad as a regular pair of crocs, being quite similar to clogs, I think I could safely say, these can be worn by women that have to stand up for hours, in places where fashion is far from being of the essence.

The downside of these crocs is that they don’t offer the typical croc Vents that we’re all used to. Therefore, they might not be the best choice for a hot environment, in summer for example. Evidently, the comfort they provide is helpful. Good arch support, a lot of stability, anti-slipping, you name it. The last and one of the best aspects to add here about the Crocs Bistro is the price. They’re quite cheap, less than 30 bucks.

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ECCO Helsinki Slip On Shoes

ECCO Helsinki Slip On Men ShoesIf you’re looking for slip-on shoes to wear all day long, you’ve got to have a look at a pair of ECCOs. And when it comes to ECCOs, the ECCO Helsinki slip-on model simply excel in comfort, durability, and design.

To begin with, these shoes are made of top-quality, super soft, yet flexible leather, made to last. However, you’ll have to wear them a bit until you break them in, to perfectly mold to your feet. The soles of these shoes are made of durable rubber material. You need not worry about holes in the soles, or them wearing out too soon, even if you walk on asphalt or any hard surface all day long. On top of that, it provides a pretty solid grip on walking, making it less likely to slip in case of wet floors, or a half-frozen or drizzled sidewalk.

Many would say that the ECCO Helsinki isn’t a stylish enough type of shoe. That’s bull! Well, indeed for different kinds of garments, they’re not fit. But these are everyday shoes, shoes to give the necessary comfort to your feet and carry you without any pain or inconvenience through a hard working day. They look perfect with almost anyone’s working attire, so from this vantage point, these shoes are as stylish as it gets. They’re tapered, with bicycle toe stitching, and with the squareness of the toe slightly softened. They come in various colors, for different outfits. You can have them in black, rust or Cocoa brown.

We’ve mentioned so far that the leather is pretty soft and flexible, but along with that, there still are several other comfort factors to be mentioned here. The first one is the padded insole with a small, contoured cushion for the heel. The arch support is OK, not maximum as for clogs, but still adding a lot of comfort to these ECCOs. The tongue is Twin gored for extra flexibility and adaptability to the foot. And lastly, they’re slip-on, easy to take off and put on, and lightweight.

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ECCO Babett Slip-On Walking Shoe

ECCO Women's Babett Slip-On Walking ShoeWhen it comes to women’s shoes made for comfort, but also, shoes which do not sacrifice all the style elements, ECCOs are and will always be a good choice. And when it comes to comfy ECCOs for women, the Babett slip-on take the cake.

The ECCO Women’s Babett slip-on walking shoes, as the name suggests, are shoes made for walking and for women who must stand up at least, a part of their day. They’re working shoes made to last. They feature a sturdy construction, being made of leather of the finest quality. The leather is pretty soft, but sturdy, and has excellent flexibility. This being said, this model of ECCOs isn’t easily ripped. The soles are completely made of rubber, featuring two anti-slippage points, one for the main toe, and one situated at the heel. Flexibility and durability are extremely well balanced within the soles of these shoes, ensuring the perfect feel for walking, and reducing fatigue.

Even though they aren’t made for a glamorous look, ECCO Babetts slip-on do have quite a stylish appearance for a pair of walking shoes. They fit much better with a working attire or with a casual attire than sports walking shoes. For example, with a working outfit, they’re pretty elegant, and they won’t cut away too much from your professional appearance. This ECCO model comes only in black leather, though.

Now, concerning comfort, that’s quite a lot to be said about these shoes, but we’ll try to condense it in a few lines, here. First of all, they don’t need any break-in; if chosen right, they should be comfortable right out of the box. At the right size, they should perfectly mold to your feet, but without squeezing too tightly, allowing the optimal, healthy blood flow. You can be sure that these shoes are not the kind that hurts your feet. They’re perfect for people who need more support for low arches and have to battle plantar fasciitis. Although the sole is not designed for maximum arch support, due to the shoes’ flexibility, you can always add arch support insoles, for maximum comfort.

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Skechers Sports Skech Air Infinity Oxford

Skechers Sport Skech Air Infinity OxfordSports shoes come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. But if you’re on the lookout for a pair of cross training shoes that won’t break the bank and also feature a durable construction with a good-looking design, Skechers should be one of your options if you need lateral stability for standing all day long. In fact, Skechers Sports Skech Air Infinity Oxford might just be the one pair to put on your list if you need to walk and stand most of the day at the job.

This sports shoe model offers versions for both men and women, but the differences between them are hardly noticeable, the design being pretty much the same. They’re made of textile fabric, with a breathing texture, which allows the proper ventilation for the feet. The sole is made from a Manmade material, in other words, a synthetic material, quite flexible, stretch and rip resistant, made to support feet. The surface of the sole is rather hard, not rubbery, consistent and dense, to increase its overall durability, and reduce wear and tear. The insole is made of memory foam, designed to enable the base of the shoe to adapt better to your foot.

These Skechers sneakers feature a rather simple design, without an extraordinary amount of decorative elements, but somehow they do look quite sharp. They’re handsome shoes, and not only will make you look good, but they’ll also most definitely complete your training outfit perfectly. They’re available in various color combinations, such as Royal/Orange, Red/Black, Gray/Blue, Navy/Yellow and several more.

It goes without saying that the Skechers Air Infinity Oxford are light and comfortable, and for their comfort, the interior padding, and the memory foam insoles have a lot to do with it. The outer sole also incorporates heel cushioning, which not only acts as a superlative comfort factor, it can also help a lot with balance, and executing various maneuvers in different sports.

Last but not least, these Skechers are far from being expensive sneakers, but they provide excellent support, lateral stability and comfort for standing long hours. In fact, they come with quite an impressive price/quality ratio, and that’s why we’ve chosen them as one of our recommendations here. They’ve rated at least 4.5 stars on various fitness websites.

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Rockport World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Walking ShoeSimplicity, durability, superlative comfort and quite an appealing aspect, this is what the Rockport World Tour Classic Walking Shoes can offer. This model of shoes is indeed one of the best choices that you can make regarding walking shoes, working shoes or shoes for standing up all day long. They’re shoes recommended by many physicians with various feet problems.

These Rockports are made of soft, delicate leather, but with a tough overall construction. The soles are made of synthetic material, flexible enough to eliminate any stress on the feet when walking. The midsole is quite solid, and thick, designed to provide an excellent arch support. Its features a wide base, supplying great support for the heel as well while the front part has just the right flexibility required for the forefoot.

The footbed is made of sponge ethylene-vinyl acetate, in other words, memory foam, conforming to the shape of the foot for a personalized fit. But the insoles can also be removed if its the case, and can be replaced with orthotic insoles.

Style-wise, these shoes have an aspect pretty close to office shoes but feel almost as comfortable as sneakers. They fit great with just about any casual outfit, jeans, and with a working attire. They come in quite a variety of colors and leather types, such as sand nubuck or chocolate nubuck, black or brown tumbled leather, and much more, making sure you’ll find the right pair for each outfit.

If so far, we’ve mentioned at least one or two comfort factors regarding the Rockport World Tour Classics; there still are several aspects to mention here. First of all, they should be comfortable right out of the box, without requiring any breaking in. Collar and tongue are consistently well padded, eliminating blistering or any discomfort. The rubber finish of the outsole supplies an excellent grip on different surfaces, promoting stability. The interior padding of the footbed is outstanding, leading to no pinching, or pressure points that may cause discomfort. On top of that, even though they don’t have any cushioning such as various types of sneakers, they still absorb enough shock to be an excellent choice for anyone experiencing any knee problems.

Last but not least, price/quality ratio on these Rockports is almost maximum. They’re shoes worth each and every penny in their price.

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Clarks Women’s Wave.Trek Lace-Up Sneaker

Clarks Women's Wave.Trek Lace-Up SneakerTrek shoes are some of the most durable and versatile APMA approved, extremely resistant to wear and tear, but also without feeling rigid. The shaft of the shoe measures 1.5″ from the arch. They’re made with OrthoLite footbed and feature an internal EVA foam heel wedge, to optimize the feet positioning for walking.

Needless to say, these are highly comfortable shoes. Their build offers excellent arch support, but the insole is also removable and can be replaced with custom orthotic insoles. Although they’re perfect for narrow feet, they’re quite stretchy, actually being able to accommodate wider feet with no problem, with loosened laces. The toebox is roomy, and due to their elasticity you should never experience any scraping on your toes or heel onto the shoe wall. The soles absorb shock well, and this being said, these Clarks Wave sneakers perform well in jogging. You should be able to jog 5 to 10 miles without feeling any aching or discomfort. On top of that, since they have a waterproof construction, they’re ideal for rainy days.

Overall, these shoes look simply great. They’re available in a wide palette of colors. You should be able to fit them to a casual outfit, and also with just about any sports attire. Also, if you have a job that requires a lot of walking and standing up, there Clarks are an excellent choice.

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Crocs Santa Cruz 2 Luxe Loafer

Crocs Men's Santa Cruz 2 Luxe LoaferAlthough the word “Crocs” is pretty much a turn-off for many people due to the many models offered by this company that is considered outside the borders of style, Crocs, Inc has begun to provide shoes of various types, far from the well-known aspect of “Crocs.” For example, Crocs offers different models of loafers. And some of the best are the Santa Cruz 2 Luxe.

Just like any loafers, these are versatile shoes, made for comfort, and for casual attire. They feature solid construction, with the top made of extremely durable textile fabric, with a relaxed canvas upper. Like many types of loafers, the toe box features a raised stitching, with a double-stitch on the ends. Since they’re slip-n loafers, it goes without saying that they have built-in stretch gore panels.

The soles are made of synthetic material, with CrosliteTM traction outsole. This Croslite material is the signature fabric in the soles of most Crocs. It consists of a closed-cell resin, lightweight, soft, and offering a superior grip. It gives the shoe flexibility. Therefore, they mold well to the foot, providing great comfort for walking. On top of that, they feature CrosliteTM cushioning, a footbed that alleviates a significant part of the walking shock. This insole is also odor-resistant.

Since they’re soft and light shoes like most loafers out there, they don’t offer a lot of arch support. However, the included insoles can be replaced with various inserts including orthotics, while the top part, being flexible enough, will still offer the required comfort, without squeezing the foot too tight.

Being made from the textile material, these Santa Cruz Crocs can regularly be washed. This being said you can also wear them without socks if you feel more comfortable this way.

Way different from many other varieties of Crocs, these Santa Cruz 2 Luxe loafers are pretty stylish. They come in several colors, including Black/Black, Khaki/Khaki, Navy/Light Grey, or Espresso/Walnut. They’re some of the most affordable loafers that you can find for the price, featuring a construction that will exceed your expectation.

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Birkenstock Unisex London Slip-On

Birkenstock Unisex London Slip-OnIf durability and comfort are what you’re looking to find in a shoe that you’ll be wearing all day long, a pair of Birkenstock slip-on is something that you must put on your list. Indeed, these shoes are not made for winning fashion contests, but they offer extra classic lines, for an informal purpose.

Birkenstock Unisex London Slip-On Shoes feature old school craftsmanship. They’re made out of the highest quality leather, with a finish that will last for many years of use. The leather in them is pretty thick, without any padding on the collar, heel or tongue. That’s why it’s important to know that it can take up to ten days for these shoes to break in, to accommodate your feet perfectly. It’s also not recommended to wear them barefoot, especially not when you’ve just taken them out of the box. In fact, a bit of a thicker sock is recommended to wear the leather in this shoes adapts to your feet and walking routine.

The Birkenstock Londons feature a flat construction, but they do offer a nice arch support. The sole has a pretty simple, generic design, also flat, but does provide a good grip, especially onto floors with a glossy finish. Soles are made of rubber material. The toebox is roomy, so you won’t have to worry that these shoes will compress your forefoot and toes in any way. The footbed is made of cork material, all natural, and will also take some time until it adapts completely to the shape of your foot. But once this is done, you won’t want to wear any other shoes.

All in all, these Birkenstocks offer high quality and durable construction. They age like a fine wine, and should serve you well for many years. They’re great working shoes; they offer great support for standing up, reducing the incidence of aching of the feet. They’re not exactly the cheapest shoes, but quality almost never comes cheap.

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If you need to stand on your feet all day, you are doing yourself a disservice by wearing the wrong shoes. You may not realize that the right shoes can minimize aching feet and the potential for doing damage that can lead to long-term foot conditions. If you already have problems with your feet, good shoes can provide comfort and support. You can find some brands of shoes that are specially designed for the needs of people who need to stand and walk all day in mind. The brands might cost a little more than cheaper brands without any particular comfort features. But they also tend to be high quality and durable shoes that last a lot longer than shoes you find in discount stores.


It pays to take your time selecting shoes that feel comfortable on your feet. For example, you might typically choose size eight shoes. But some brands might run smaller or larger, and you might need to up or down half a size. Additionally, some brands may never fit your feet at all because of the way you are constructed. Better shoes tend to cost more, and you might be able to save a lot by shopping for good shoes online. This is fine, but don’t be afraid to send the shoes back if they don’t fit right. You might even try on shoes at a local shoe store so you know which size to buy online.


The right cushioning or supportive shoe inserts might even be more important than the actual shoes. These days, some good shoes come with removable footbeds or extra room to add orthotic pads. You might be able to find the right inserts at a local shoe store or pharmacy. Dr. Scholl’s is a favorite brand, and they are commonly available in a variety of types. If you suffer from severe foot problems, you may want to invest in a custom-made pair from a medical professional. These will cost more, but the purchase might pay off in pain relief and comfort. If they can help you stay on your feet all day to do your job or enjoy your regular activities, the extra expense might be a bargain.


It might seem odd, but different socks might even help. Some socks do a good job of providing cushioning from places where shoes might rub or pinch. If you tend to wear cheap socks – or none at all – consider trying out some better pairs.


The right shoes, better socks, and inserts can give you the comfort and support you need. They might relieve anything from a typical case of achy feet to real pain caused by foot conditions. Of course, if you suffer from real pain, you should probably see a doctor for attention. Some foot problems will only get worse if they are left untreated.


Finding the best shoes for standing all day depends on person’s taste, job, weather, pronation problems, and other foot problems. We recommend cross training shoes which provide lateral stability for movements side to side. Dansko shoes offer rigid soles and are designed for people who spends long hours on their feet. Always pick the pair of shoes that fits you well and you feel comfortable.

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