Best Shoes For Nurses On their Feet All Day

Nursing is a highly demanding job, which entails long shifts. The nature of the job means that a nurse will spend up to 10 to 12 hours of their working day on their feet, which can lead to the podiatric problems if the shoes are not properly fitted. The best shoes for nurses on feet all day should therefore be extremely comfortable, but they should also offer protection in case of mishaps such as a sharp instrument being dropped on the foot. As hygiene is important in a hospital setting, the shoes should also be stain and slip resistant. This will allow good traction if fluids are spilled on the floor, and also make the shoes easy to clean afterwards.

Recommended Best Nursing Shoes For Women

Standing for long periods can lead to swollen feet, so for optimum fitting, it is a good idea to get your feet measured at the end of your shift.  You should also consider purchasing, at least, two to three pairs of shoes so that they can be rotated during the week. We have selected some of the best shoes for nurses on feet all day, which are currently available. These are tailored to the needs of the role, and will prevent the foot, ankle, knee and back pain problems, which can arise after several hours of walking or standing.

If you’re a nurse, you’re always on your feet. You rely on shoes that will give you plenty of support for your long shifts and be on your feet. You don’t have time to shop all over town for your work shoes. You need comfort and durability as well as affordability all in one easy to locate shoe.


Sanita Professional Cabrio Clogs

Sanita – a sister company of the respected brand Dansko – has being manufacturing shoes for over 100 years. They have an excellent reputation for comfort and high foot support standards, and are a popular brand among those working in the hospital environment. Their professional Cabrio clogs include all of the features necessary to give proper support to the foot, such as excellent arch support, and a wide toe box to prevent rubbing. The outsole is shock absorbent, to reduce strain on the foot, and constructed from polyurethane to make it both skid resistant and highly durable. This style of shoe is very long lasting, guaranteeing you excellent value for your money, and is recognized by the American Podiatric Association as offering high quality wear.

The downside of the Professional Cabrio clogs is that they are more functional than stylish. However, how attractive the shoe is, is often of minimal concern in an active role where back and foot pain can be a real issue. Many customer reviews also criticize the product for being heavy and hard. This might be a necessary trade-off if you want a shoe, which offers excellent protection – something that alternative styles, such as tennis shoes, do not give.

Sanita’s clogs are handmade, and therefore, there may be subtle differences in sizing. This means that you may want to try on several different pairs to find one, which fits you well. It is also worth noting that the sizing tends to be small and narrow in comparison to other brands, and you may want to try the next size up if you have wide feet.

In conclusion, Sanita Professional Clogs are one of the best nursing shoes for women.

Timberland PRO-Renova Croc Work Shoe

These work shoes are also one of the top 5 best shoes for nurses on feet all day, as they are both professional looking and extremely comfortable. Often people who dislike the heavy feel of Dansko and Sanita’s working range of shoes, find that Timberland’s styles are the ideal alternative.

Every part of the shoe is tailored to make them extremely comfortable. The toe box is very wide, so that the toes are not constrained, and there is an anti fatigue insole which reduces strain on the arch and cushions the impact while walking. Since hospital floors can sometimes become slippery, the shoes incorporate Timberland’s SafeGrip design – the outsole is made from urethane, which has excellent slip resistant properties on both wet and oily surfaces. To keep the shoes clean and hygienic, the upper part of the shoe is constructed from stain resistant leather. Nurses are often required to deal with bodily fluids, and these shoes allow you to simply erase spills with an antibacterial wipe. All in all, it can be said that these are best shoes for nurses on feet all day.

Alegria Debra Flat

Practicality tends to take precedence over aesthetics when it comes to nursing shoes. However, the Algeria Debra offers a more fashionable shoe, with a wide range of colors and patterns being made available. You will be able to find a style to compliment your scrubs, or express your personality a little through your choice of footwear.

Opting for more stylish work shoes does not mean compromising on comfort when it comes to the Algeria Debra, as the shoes have greater cushioning that those manufactured by Dansko and Sanita. The shoes also incorporate all of the features offered by rival brands, which make them perfect footwear for workers who are on their feet all day, such as a wide toe box. In addition to this, the Debra also has a removable cork footbed so that the shoes can be used with custom orthotics. To make them suitable for a nursing role, these boat shaped shoes are easy to clean, stain resistant and have a non-slip outsole.


Nurse Mate Dove

As the name suggests, Nurse Mate shoes are designed specifically for medical workers in mind. The shoes are very comfortable and durable, as well as looking professional. They also have the advantage of lightweight construction, which many nurses find more comfortable than alternative brands of shoe.


Most of the shoes in the range are slip on which makes them very convenient, but they also have added support at the back for a secure fit. They are constructed from stain resistant leather upper and slip-resistant outsole, so are well suited to roles where spills are a common occurrence. To ensure optimum comfort during prolonged wear, the shoes are manufactured in a variety of sizes and width fittings – this means that every nurse should be able to find a pair, which is perfectly tailored to their feet.


Crocs Neria Work Clog

Crocs are not just popular because of their on-trend status – the lightweight style clogs are ideal for healthcare workers. They also have the significant advantage of being priced at a more affordable level than alternative brands of working shoe. The shoes are constructed from synthetic CrosLite materials, which adds enhanced cushioning and makes them comfortable when worn for long periods. Crocs also offer good traction on a variety of surfaces and are washable and odor resistant.


Nurses should take extra time and care when choosing best shoes for nurses on feet all day, to ensure that they do not develop problems as a result of spending long shifts either walking or standing. You may want to try several brands and styles, as individual differences may mean that one person’s ideal pair may not suit another person so well. If you suffer from podiatric problems such as plantar fasciitis or flat feet then also look into shoes that are specially designed to accommodate these problems. We recommend New Balance 847 or 928 for flat feet due to their motion control technology.

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