Best Shoes for High Arches and Underpronation

If you have medium or high arched and you need a lot of cushioning because you have a job that requires you to walking and standing for a long while during a whole day, comfortable and well padded running shoes are very important to absorb shock. Since running shoes can be used for walking. Therefore, two of the Best Neutral Cushioned Running Shoes are Brooks Glycerin 13 and New Balance 1080 v5 which can be used for running as well as for walking.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the benefits of these neutral cushioning shoes and why you will need to wear them for high arches or if you underpronate. The runners who pronate normally will roll the foot inwards little bit to make contact with the ground. that normal pronation helps in shock absorption. People who supinate can not contact with ground fully during running, therefore they can not absorb shock which can lead to injury to the feet and joints resulting in back pain. Lets see what is special about these running shoes and what are pros and cones.




First of all, these are neutral running shoes with removable insoles which makes them suitable for orthotics. They are also popular among runners due to its perfect fit, support, cushion and functionality who need neutral cushioning shoes for  shock absorption. They work well if you have midfoot strike due to a lot od cushioning in the midsole. The uppers are made of synthetic mesh fibers, which not only makes them lightweight, it also allows the foot to breathe properly. Needless to say, they have exceptional cushioning, featuring the Brooks super DNA midsole technology, which adapts to the wearer’s size and stride and also makes these shoes more durable,flexible and lightweight. This particular technology actually provides 25% better cushioning than Biomogo DNA, and even more cushioning than EVA materials and gel-type cushioning.


These Brooks’ are roomy, actually roomier, therefore, even if it shouldn’t be the case, you can add extra insoles. These shoes provide excellent arch support and maximum shock absorption. The heel bed is actually a little bit lower than in most running shoes, providing a better grip of the topline, better foot placement and control, and less heel rubbing. This being said, in case you have any Achille’s tendon issues, the back design is the right choice for you. The rounded heel helps in minimizing the stress on joints by better alignment.

Evidently, since the cushioning of these running shoes is designed for maximum shock absorption, they make excellent working shoes for environments where you have to run especially with high arches, mid arches and supination . Conditions like plantar fasciitis, back pains, calves or thighs pain will considerably ameliorate.

The outsole is made of durable and flexible rubber, made to last. And in case you won’t be running with these shoes, they will surely wear out at a much lower rate. After putting about 60 miles or running on a pair of Glycerins 13, I can still say they hold up pretty tight, and they’ll last for about at least 60 more.

Last but not least, Glycerin 13 Brooks provide versions for both women and men, in various colors.

Pros: Ultra cushioning makes it worth every penny for people who are born with high arches and have supination problem. These neutral shoes are great for orthotics because neutral shoes are most commonly recommended shoes for orthotic inserts by the doctors.

Cones: Expensive shoes which can not be affordable by every person.


If you have painful high arch that only allows to touch the ground the ball of foot, heel and only outer edge of the foot while you stand barefoot, you need neutral cushning and Glycerine 13 offers one of the best cushioning material to make your walk and run comfortable and pain free. They are great looking, lightweight and supportive shoes that do not look goofy. The Glycerin 13 neutral shoes are absolutely awesome and you will hate to take them off. They have moderate amount of cushion, but are cushy enough like Asics Gel Nimbus. The Glycerin are more supportive than Asics Nimbus for individuals with very high arches they look better than Asics. You will love the upper 3 d fit print material stretches and gives glove like fit.


A second best shoe for walking on concrete all day on this list has to be New Balance 1080. It’s evidently another pair of running shoes that can serve excellently to the purpose of standing up long shifts in a working environment with concrete floors.

The first thing to be said about these shoes is that they offer great support for fallen arches. They provide cushioning in a luxurious way, 360° spread all over the lenght of the shoe. The toe box is roomy enough to add orthotic insoles if necessary, for people with extra high arches. Cushioning of these shoes aims focuses on three major key elements: shock absorption, compression and durability. They come with removable insoles, which also add a little bit of heel cushioning themselves. The heel cap is narrower, fitting better on the heel, ensuring a lot of control.

The ABZORB Strobel Board technology used in these shoes is created to disperse pressure and absorb shock uniformly, which limits fatigue and considerably reduces pain. Therefore, when it comes to standing, walking and working long hours on concrete floors, these NB athletic shoes surely are a bliss.

Since they’re running shoes, the outsole is rubber-made, anti-slip, highly durable. Also, they come in two forms: for men and for women.

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