Best Shoes for Flight Attendants

Being a flight attendant is an exciting career path that takes one to some of the finest places in the world. It is a riveting experience, but it can be taxing on the feet. Flight attendants are always standing and walking around inside the aircraft, which takes a lot out of their bodies. Is there a solution out there that can take away all of that built up pressure on the feet? Yes, there are some best shoes for Flight Attendants that are looking to get something stylish and durable and worth their while. Let’s take a look at some of these excellent travel shoes.


Let’s begin with the Dansko Professional shoes and what they entail for flight attendants. While, these shoes might not come under the most aesthetically good list, they do get the job done. For a flight attendant that has been feeling a lot of discomforts lately, these are wonderful on the feet. They will provide a lot of give and that is essential for women that place a lot of stress on their feet while walking about.

Yes, many women would love to wear those wonderful and gorgeous heels that accompany their attire, but it can be a pain to wear. For those who are constantly standing on board the plane, this is a huge “no-no”. Thus, these Mary Jane Dansko shoes are an excellent solution for women that want durability and comfort both in one package.

The support provided by these shoes is often second to none. It is remarkably easy to slip into, and they are lovely to walk in. This is the main factor for purchasing them. For those looking to get something stylish, these are perhaps not the number one option on the market. These are solely designed to help make the feet feel less pressure than ever before.

Dansko Women’s Becky Pump

What about this Dansko Becky pair of shoes? Are they able to provide the same level of comfort as some of the other options out there? Yes, these are wonderful on the feet and do an excellent job of remaining comfortable and nice to wear for both short and long trips.

The difference between these and the ones listed before comes in the size of the heel. These have a little bit of a heel that adds to one’s current attire. This might not have been possible with the other pair, but these do look stylish when they are on. They will go with almost anything, and that is wonderful for flight attendants that are looking for an all-around option that will work all the time.

In the end, the finest travel shoes have to come back to that common factor of comfort. Do these shoes get the job done when it comes to comfort? Yes, they certainly do a great job, and that is essential in this day and age.


These are quite sleek, and ECCO has been known to provide shoes that are increasingly stylish while remaining comfortable. These are quite easy on the feet, and they look great, which is an bonus for flight attendants.

They have the fantastic traction that is made by ECCO’s proven designs. These look great, and they feel even better.

Clarks Wave

These shoes were simply designed for comfort. The entire purpose of these shoes is to make walking better, and they are marketed as such. They truly have some of the finest shoe soles possible within such shoes.

They are heavenly to walk in, and most women adore their pair when purchasing them. They are just wonderful and take a lot of pressure off the feet.

Dansko Janie

The final pair comes in the form of the Dansko Janie. They are great for flight attendants and even the passengers that are riding alongside them. They are great and look incredible to boot. They are lovely both for the short and long-term.

Women that are searching for something that is not only comfortable but worth their money as an all-around option will be satisfied with this. Dansko has come up with an option that is long lasting and worthy of one’s attention.

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