Best Running Shoes for Overweight Men

Problems plague every runner. It includes everything from getting the right weight, size, fit, and material for shorts to prevent embarrassing and very uncomfortable leg rashes, and overexposure of sensitive body parts, to the right-fitting moisture-wicking socks that will stop blisters and other irritating challenges.

Runners are not all pixie stick-sized. In particular, many tall athletes, including professionals, who carry more muscle mass, might run into problems of their weight tearing at their joints. The exploration here is on locating the best running shoes for overweight men.

Whether you are a big guy who needs to train or someone looking to shed pounds, finding the right shoes can make for a safe working that fulfills your exercise goals.

Best Running Shoes for Overweight Men Reviews


Brooks ADDICTION 12What are the best running shoes for overweight men? When it comes to shopping for quality footwear that you can use for running, it is important to look into the features and capacities of the shoe you purchase. After all, you do not want to wear poor quality shoes and waste your money along the way. Fortunately, the Brooks Addiction 12 comes with the right features that will ensure your comfort and support all day long. Regarding comfort and support, this product is indeed one of the best in the market.

These shoes have a linear platform that is suitable for overweight individuals who struggle with regular running shoes. Moreover, there is a motion control component, so if you are suffering from overpronation, you will not have to worry about experiencing pain and discomfort with these shoes. You can even count on it for flat arches because of the right level of support that it offers. So, if you are running on the road and hard surfaces, your feet are completely supported all the time.

This is the 12th version of Brooks Addictions, which means there are more improvements incorporated. The stability and support are exceptional, and overweight people should be able to notice the huge difference regarding comfort with these shoes. As for the midsole, there is a DNA component that is a unique cushioning system from this brand that caters to runners of various speeds and runners. As a result, you can get a customized fit and comfort level that truly works for you.

For added support, there is a segmented crash pad in these shoes. This component comes with fully-integrated and supportive shock absorbers that offer cushion. There is also a much smoother and easier transition from heel to toe, and this enhances the efficiency of your step. This is important if you have concerns with being overweight.

Perhaps, the only small concern with this product is the slightly heavy weight of the shoe. There is also the issue of price, because as compared to regular running shoes, this product is a bit more expensive. The upper mesh also tends to wear out rather quickly, although this can be addressed with proper maintenance and care of the shoe.

Men’s Asics Gel Kayano 22 Running Shoe

Asics Gel KayanoIf you need shoes that will keep you stable and balanced, particularly if you are suffering from mild to moderate case of overpronation, then this product is for you. The Asics Gel Kayano is designed for people who want to run on the road, and it can be used daily because of its ability to handle maximum mileage or long distance running. With redesigned uppers called FluidFit Mesh, you can expect total comfort while allowing your feet to breathe the whole time.

Both the outsole and midsole are engineered in a way that offers maximum transition while keeping the gait cycle easy and smooth. You can count on this stability footwear for its excellent comfort with plush cushioning and support that are indeed essential for any pair of running shoes.

The brand has incorporated necessary improvements to the uppers of these shoes, which has resulted to enhanced comfort without compromising the stability of runners. So, if you have severe or mild pronation concerns, you can expect these shoes to work for your condition. No matter how far or how long you run, there is nothing but comfort and ease with your movements. With the 22nd version of the famous Asics Kayano, you will be able to go the distance without having to go through discomfort and pain.

New Balance 1260 v5

New Balance 1260 v5Run with ease and comfort with the New Balance 1260v5. This product is designed to bring back your confidence when running as your performance level is improved with each stride. These shoes provide a great degree of stability and cushioning that are all you need to go the distance.

Do you suffer from mild pronation? In this case, you will find these shoe ideal for your condition. Slight pronation is quickly addressed with these shoes since these are designed for such concern. There is also an enhanced TPU support shank located in the midfoot, and this is beneficial for adding much-needed support to your arch.

On the other hand, you may need to look further if you have severe overpronation concerns. There is some discomfort that may be experienced in this case since there is not enough arch support. Nevertheless, you will love its lightweight features, midsole foam, and stability to prevent injuries with every stride you make.

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 18

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 18Another model of ASICS footwear that you can count on for comfort and responsiveness, the Gel Nimbus 18 is perfect for overweight men who need running shoes that they can count on. There is a right level of support from these shoes due to maximum cushioning and flexibility that the footwear offers. If you have high arches with overweight concerns, you should find these shoe ideal for your situation.

The FluidRide component allows you to bounce back easily while the cushioning element adds to your comfort and ease. There is also minimal chances for friction and irritation on your skin with the seamless material used in the design and construction of the shoe. For a perfect fit, the stretch and multi-directional mesh unique to this brand all work together in giving you a customized fit.

Shock is absorbed perfectly through the Gel Cushioning Systems in the forefoot and rearfoot, and there is an exoskeletal heel counter that enhances the support and comfort on the heels.The sockliner made of a particular material will keep your feet fresh and dry. It is also enhanced with antimicrobial and breathable properties.

Just be sure to purchase the right size that suits you best. You can check the size chart for a clearer idea on the size to get, so you will be able to experience a higher level of comfort with your best options for the best running shoes for overweight men as presented in this review.

How to Choose the right shoes?

1. Foot Structure And Running Analysis

The best running shoes for overweight men will not be the same across the board. One brand is a dream for 50 percent of runners, but a disastrous fit for the other 50 percent. The reason is that two main factors are going on here. The first is that everyone has different sized arches, widths, and bone structure. In addition to that, we all move differently. We may run or walk mostly on the outside, inside, or straight down the line of the foot.

An excellent place to start is with a podiatrist, running specialist, or anyone else who is capable of analyzing the foot movements and also the natural foot structure. They will explore the arch. They look for high arches, natural arches, and even flat feet. Unfortunately, carrying excess weight, exercising through a foot injury, or standing all day long in poorly fitting shoes can cause an arch to collapse. An arch provides the support for the foot, which in turn helps the whole body.

In response to having the arch collapse, which creates a flat foot, the foot will pronate when it moves to compensate. It is a rolling motion of the foot inward whenever taking a step. Pronation itself is a regular part of taking a step. Flat feet causes overpronation or excessive pronation of the feet. It will cause the joints to take on more pressure as well, and can produce a lot of joint aches and pains as a result. The best running shoes for overweight men means correcting this problem by wearing the proper shoes. Have a professional fit you for the right shoe after they have done an analysis on how you run. One way to determine if you have a flat foot or a fallen arch is that the whole sole will make contact with the floor or ground. Normally, the arch should be partially off the ground.

2. Effective Shock Absorption

To counteract the force of overweight or bigger and stronger individual’s body running the feet need to be supported with excellent shock absorption. It is important that once you do start running, you realize you have to replace running shoes fairly often. Every 300 to 400 miles is the expected mileage point when you need to get a new pair of shoes. The old ones may not look worn out, but they break down at that point and no longer will support you the way that they did at the beginning. If you are overweight, you may have to go and buy a new pair of shoes at the 300-mile marker.

3. Orthotics And Shoes

Excessive weight causes biomechanical issues. The good news is these are remedied by choosing the best running shoes for overweight men. Such biomechanical issues are treated with inserts and orthotics. Now, it is time to make an appointment with the best podiatrist you can find who will perform a comprehensive foot-strike analysis that includes a look at the running gait. At this point, the podiatrist can make recommendations, and may even have you fitted for custom orthotics.

They, along with sports or running footwear specialist may suggest the appropriate brands of running shoes for you based on your personal structure and gait. Also, recall they will know which brands may work best with your body. Spring the money on high-quality running gear, particularly when the shoes are concerned. It will prevent excessive pronation. If you are given a prescription or directive to get orthotics, do it. It will save your joint from wear and tear, which will allow you to enjoy running more.

If you have done this much work to get your feet evaluated, then it is time to pick up your orthotics and go shoe shopping. Most people have one foot that is larger than the other. Some more significantly so. It is advisable to hit the shoe store after a nice long run, and after a whole day to allow for the greatest swelling to occur. Take along your socks that you will use to run because this will allow the best fit.

Go for a free evaluation of your feet at the running shoe store where they measure your feet, and can confidently identify high instep, width, and will be willing and able to accommodate the extra attention it takes to help customers who need to be fitted for shoes with orthotics. It is important that the shoes fit right, and having shoe specialists to fit you is necessary.

This is one time to stay away from a store with a warehouse, three Brannocks, and no sales associates. The Brannock is a measuring device, and it involves placing the heel entirely to the back of the measuring instrument. The left foot goes on one’s side of the device, marked Left Foot.

Stand up, and have someone read where the foot stops. If it goes over 10, then you would need a 10 1/2 sized shoe. The width is also indicated on the old-school device. A trained person will be able to identify the depth of the foot, such as a high instep.

The last tip to finding the best running shoes for overweight men is only to buy shoes that fit. You will never “break in” a pair of tight and uncomfortable shoes. Save yourself the hassle and only buy what comfortable today is.

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