Best Orthopedic Walking Shoes For men

There are many reasons that you should seek orthopedic walking shoes. Many times you’ll find that regular shoes just aren’t as comfortable when you’re out walking. If you’re seeking the best orthopedic walking shoes for men, you’ll want to know the different kinds of shoes that are available. Here we’ve listed several to help you make your decision.

What Are Orthopedic Shoes?

Orthopedic shoes are designed to provide extra support and pain relief for those who suffer from leg pain, ankle pain and issues with their feet. Designed more for the functionality than for fashion, they are much more attractive today than orthopedic shoes of yesteryear.

Many people hear the word orthopedic, and they immediately think of elderly individuals in nursing homes who require special shoes to walk without pain or discomfort. The truth is, people of all ages wear orthopedic shoes. The purpose of orthopedic shoes is to provide extra support for the feet, ankles, and body. There are varying designs of orthopedic shoes dependent upon the area of support that is required for the person wearing the particular shoe.

Some kinds of orthopedic shoes offer relief for bunions, hammertoes, fallen arches and flat arches. There’s not just one design for orthopedic shoes that works for all of the potential needs across the board.  Typically, if a person suffers from any health issues that make it painful to walk; orthopedic shoes are a good way to help relieve that pain. This includes all matters of the feet that can make wearing regular shoes uncomfortable or if wearing regular walking shoes bothers the person.

If regular walking shoes cause pain, fatigue or sore muscles or bones in the legs, the person may greatly benefit from wearing orthopedic shoes. Orthopedic shoes are ideal for young and old, men and women and anyone who has issues with leg or foot pain and walking issues. It’s wise to check with a foot specialist before ordering orthopedic shoes. They can ensure that the person is ordering the right type of shoe for their specific needs and issues.

In some cases, the person may only need insoles and not orthopedic shoes. Many online vendors sell the best orthopedic walking shoes for men. It’s always wise to shop around and find the best deals before buying any orthopedic shoes. An orthopedic doctor may also have some specific recommendations for you as well.

Feet rolling to the side and those suffering from over or under pronation may also benefit from several options of shoes. Shoes that offer great arch support will help you to reduce back pain, foot pain, and knee pain. Some people will benefit from a wider fitting shoe while others will need a strong heel or a padded tongue. Other additional options include removable footpads and specialty options for flat feet and fallen arches. Wider shoes work very well for those who suffer from pinched toes while wearing a standard shoe.

Some medical supply stores also carry a line of the best orthopedic walking shoes for men that may be purchased. Some pharmacies also carry them but with limited options and supply. There are even athletic sneakers that are orthopedic style shoes as well as dress shoes, sandals, and even boots with supportive insoles for orthopedics.

Drew Surge Orthopedic Shoe

Drew SurgeAvailable in two colors, five widths, and sizes 7 through 12 including half sizes and sizes 13 through 16 in whole sizes. The Surge has a double added depth. As all leather upper with mesh, this offers contrasting colors and a sporty and stylish look. The Surge boasts a foam padded tongue and a soft feel which helps to reduce ankle discomfort. It has two removable insoles that are easily replaced with orthotic insoles as well depending upon the foot condition. Antimicrobial insoles contribute to reduce odor and stains.

For more added arch support, they have tempered steel shanks. This also helps to improve stability. A durable rubber outsole contributes to keeping the traction and grip the ground wherever the person walks. This shoe is currently under Code A5500 and pending as a shoe for reimbursement under Medicare guidelines for diabetics. Priced at a moderate $155 this shoe is a durable shoe that will last a long time.

New Balance 928 v2

New Balance 928 v2

Available in three colors of black, gray or white/blue and in sizes 5 to 10 with half sizes and 11 to 13 for whole sizes this shoe offers five widths. The New Balance 928 V2 offers a full grain leather upper that has the lace up closure. Plush collar and tongue add an added dimension of comfort to this shoe. Odor resistant treatment of the insole offers a great benefit. Removable foam insole and cushioning provide more comfort benefits to this shoe. Medicare/HCPCS code is A5500 Diabetic approved shoe.

New Balance 840 walking shoes

New Balance 840 walking shoes

Available in three colors, three widths and sizes 5 to 10 with half sizes and sizes 11 through 13 whole sizes this shoe has many great benefits. This leather upper offers perforations for more breathability. It has a comfort collar and tongue to ensure comfort and a great fit. The fine mesh lining offers a lightly cushioned footbed for all-day comfort. Lacing closure provides a perfect fit. The unique Full-length ABZORB® FL midsole offers unique lightweight shock absorption. This shoe is also Medicare / HCPCS code A5500

Propet life walker

Propet life walker

Available in two colors, three widths and sizes 7 to 11 in half sizes and sizes 12 to 15 whole sizes. This supple full grain leather shoe offers tonal stitching as well as perforations on the toe box for breathability and functionality. The full lace-up front offers both comfort and a better fit. Padded collar and tongue offer comfort to the foot. With a removable orthotic arch support, the shoe conforms to the shape of the foot. With an extended heel counter and a built-in heel stabilizer this shoe offers support and comfort.

A lightweight midsole absorbs the shocks to help reduce foot fatigue and leg pain. Rubber outsole offers both durability and grip to prevent falls. Medicare/HCPCS code A5500 diabetic.

Vionic walker

Vionic walker

The Vionic Walker is available in sizes 7 to 11 including half sizes and sizes 12 and 13 as well. Available in two widths and in black, white/navy or taupe this shoe has many benefits. Designed to keep the feet moving comfortably throughout the day this shoe offers both comfort as well as support. The full grain shoe is water-resistant leather and has a contrasting overlay for appeal.

The collar and tongue are cushioned and lace for a more customized fit. The breathable mesh is moisture wicking with a PU foam base to help reduce the friction of the shoe against the skin. The contoured orthotic footbed offers a deep heel cup that will both stabilize and support the feet. The shoe is lightweight and flexible and absorbs shock which helps to reduce stress on the feet and the ankles as well as the knees.

The firm and thermoplastic heel counter offer increased stability as well as all day support for the wearer. The rubber outsole offers flex grooves to help keep the grip on any terrain and offer flexibility. This shoe has also received the APMA seal of acceptance.

Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Addiction Walker

Available in black, brown and white, this shoe comes in sizes 7 to 12 with half sizes and sizes 13 to 15 for whole sizes. It’s also available in four widths. This shoe offers plenty of support for low arches and overpronation. Casual yet contemporary this shoe is full-grain leather or a velvet nubuck and lined with fabric and a removable sock liner. This shoe offers a gel that soothes the foot when walking as well as an absorbing shock for the heel and the forefoot.  Energy efficient and all day comfort ensure that the wearer is comfortable no matter what their day entails. Environmental friendly silica and premium wet-dry traction ensure that this shoe is skid resistant.

PW Minor Performance Walker Oxford

This shoe is available in five colors. Sizes 7 to 15 including half sizes and varying widths. It’s a leather upper and a rubber sole that offers tricot lining. This shoe is Medicare approved with a code A5500. You can find this shoe readily online for $117 to $140 depending upon the size and width of the shoe.

When shopping online, you’ll have more options than if you go to a brick and mortar store that has limited options for specific issues of the feet. Some are great for uneven gaits while others may help with plantar fasciitis or other issues of the foot.

Thanks to more people requiring orthopedic shoes, the best orthopedic walking shoes for men are now available in a variety of styles, colors, and types. No longer does the term “orthopedic shoe” mean a boxy, ugly shoe that will detract from a person’s appearance and even their outfit.

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