Best non slip work shoes

One of the most important aspects of a pair of work shoes, in case you have to stand up in a kitchen or a similar working environment, is to prevent injury from the slip. If your shoes are not non-slip, no matter how healthy you are, or how young you are, sooner or later, you will slip leading to sometimes severe injuries. These Dansko Wayne Slip-On are Best non-slip work shoes and actually meet all the non-slip requirements for standing up and walking to work long shifts. Excellent arch support, durability, lightweight, anti-slip outsole, everything that any of the ER, restaurant, or kitchen staff would need.

If you are on feet for 10-12 hours and do not wear shoes with proper support, you most probably will experience back pain, knee pain and foot pain. These work shoes are designed to provide comfort due to excellent cushioning and arch support built into them.  Here are some of the best work shoes with nonslip outsoles.

 DANSKO WAYNE NonSlip Shoes for Men

DANSKO WAYNE nonslip shoe for menFirst of all, the sole is designed to provide superior arch support. That’s why these can be considered as the next best thing for custom made orthopedic shoes. They are perfect for medical conditions such as flat feet or plantar fasciitis. The outer sole isn’t completely made of rubber. It’s made of synthetic Nitrile rubber, which is lighter than actual rubber. However, the mid part of the sole is garnished with a shock-absorbent rubber section. This also grants the shoe excellent anti-slip properties, making them great kitchen shoes for men, or shoes for any working place where a wet floor can be a hazard.

The sole is actually 3-layered. Along with the synthetic-rubber combo outsole, there is a removable EVA polyurethane midsole, which grants outstanding cushioning. The mid-sole comes with a contoured leather insole. Last but not least aspect of the sole of these Danskos, it’s quite thick, keeping the foot elevated and dry in case of the extra-wet environment, snowy or rainy days, etc.

The interior of these Danskos is roomy enough so you can add a memory foam insole or an orthopedic one if it’s the case. The upper part of the shoe is stitched with elastic gores, which gives the leatherwork extra flexibility, easy slip-on and off. This also makes them ideal for men with high arches and wide feet.

The leatherwork in these Dansko loafers is super-soft. You don’t need to break them before taking them to work. The lightly padded collar adds extra coziness to the foot, giving the top line a rounded edge. You can be sure that these shoes won’t cut your ankles. They also fit nicely over the heel, with a soft grip, disallowing the shoe to remain loose on the foot. The leather retains color well, even when scuffed. In fact, the treatment of the leather gives it quite great liquid proof and anti-stain properties.

Dansko Wayne Slip-Ons come in two colors, classic black and mocha brown. Both colors fit just OK with different types of pants such as jeans, slacks, etc.


In conclusion, this kind of Best non-slip work shoes, Dansko loafers are shoes made to last, with durable soles and leather work, shoes designed for comfort and to eliminate fatigue. They can easily fit almost any dress code, and can be nicely fitted with various types of pants. They offer superior arch support, a very comfortable footbed and considerably alleviate foot and back pain, which makes them ideal for men who have to work long shifts. They also have a high degree of waterproofness and anti-slip soles, which makes them excellent kitchen shoes for men who work in the food industry, such as chefs.

Dansko ABIGAIL for women

Dansko ABIGAIL foe women nonslip shoesIf your type of job requires you to wear shoes that are somewhat casual yet dressy, then the Abigail shoes for women by Dansko is a fine choice. The brand takes pride in its trademark quality, which is sheer comfort and support – features that you can find in every footwear by Dansko. From the design to manufacturing process, every Dansko footwear is measured carefully, contoured and tested thoroughly to give you the perfect fit without compromising comfort. Thus, you can expect the best from this brand no matter what type of shoe you purchase that bears the name “Dansko.”

In particular, the Abigail shoes have a lightweight but highly durable outsole with slip-resistant components. To keep you stable, the tuckboard has a steel shank component, coupled with PU midsole for maximum support and shock absorption. If you need to be on your feet for hours during your workday, you can count on these comfortable, breathable and supportive shoes with contoured footbed and moisture-repellent lining for your total satisfaction.

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo Super Grip Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work ShoeYou can find many types of clogs out there nowadays, but not many of them look too great. The Clog is supposed to be the average day working shoe especially for people who have to stand up for a longer while. However, the super grip Clog seems to add quite a bit of style to the Clog image. And these are not just any clogs, they are non-slip work shoes for women and men, designed to provide maximum stability on oily or wet floors, which makes it ideal for restaurant kitchen staff, or nurses or health care staff.


The super grip clogs are leather-made, high-quality shoes, with a very nice design. The heel counter is topped with a soft Achille’s tendon protector, which makes the fit-like-a-glove feel, even greater. The leather in them is rather soft. They don’t need any breaking before taking them to work.

The leatherwork features a cut that falls to the sole, on the inner part of the foot, which provides the shoes with extra flexibility. It also serves as a ventilation opening, providing the foot with all the breathing that it needs. Also, the leatherwork is coated with polyurethane, providing excellent water, oil, and other chemicals proof. This being said, a direct drop of a staining agent such as tomato juice, food coloring or blood, will not stain the shoes if it’s wiped right away. The anti-stain coating makes them even a better choice for nurses and chefs, or in other words, a proper choice of working environments with spill hazards.

Although they are not as spacious as some of the Birkis, they are roomy enough for almost any type of foot structure. In fact, they’re quite ideal for feet with high arches. The inner soles are cushioned with cork, which is a good anti-perspiring material, and will keep the interior of the shoe dry. Also, the insoles have an excellent built-in arch support, so you will be able to withstand a double shift with happy feet, free of any pain.

The outer sole is a one-layer rubber sole, highly durable, and as mentioned, highly resistant to slipping wet surfaces. The super grip clogs are actually recognized by the fact that they are some of the best slip resistant work shoes. However, even with the sturdy material, the sole is made of, it can still wear out after a while if the shoes are worn a lot. The good news is, these clogs are reasonable, and for a small amount of money you can get a brand new sole, so you won’t have to pay for a new pair.


It may be looked as a downside, though, the fact that the super grip comes only in two colors: black and white. At least, so far. And even though these are neutral colors, and fit most working attire, even more, being entirely appropriate for most working dress codes, some people might prefer, red for example. Anyway, the white version can really complete the immaculate image of a nurse or health care staff member. Plus, they’re rather fashionable for a pair of clogs and are even fit for meetings.


New Balance 626v2 Work shoes for men and women

New Balance 626v2 slip resistant Work shoes At the workplace, you need a reliable pair of the best non-slip work shoes that can keep you stable, comfortable and well-protected from accidents caused by uneven or slippery floor surfaces. The New Balance 626 work shoes offer a combination of total protection, support, and comfort with this top-quality footwear designed for men and women. With an advanced slip-resistant design for the outsole, coupled with a lug pattern that ensures optimum traction, you can walk steadily and safely even on hazardous surfaces at your work area. These shoes even come with an internal shank that boosts stability and balance.

The 626 work shoes also feature thick cushioning EVA foam and supportive uppers made of fine leather. The lining is thin, yet capable of absorbing moisture to keep your feet dry and fresh. What’s more, these shoes are Medicare reimbursement-eligible that add to its economic value. So, for oily, wet or soapy surfaces, you can stay safe and secure from injuries with these non-slip work shoes by New Balance.


Skechers for Work Keystone Sneaker for men

Skechers for Work Keystone SneakerLooking for casual, everyday shoes that offer unbeatable comfort and support all day long? If comfort and protection from slippage are what you need, then these Skechers Keystone Sneakers have exactly what fit the bill. These are designed to give your feet outstanding comfort with every stride you make. From the exterior to the interior of these shoes, you can find all the right features you look for in comfortable, durable and dependable footwear for the workplace.

For your comfort, these shoes have EVA midsole, along with a polyurethane footbed that can be removed to make room for your custom orthotics. The upper is made of leather, which is padded to keep you comfortable. As for the outsole, it is rated with Mark II slip-resistance to prevent you from incurring any injuries due to wet, soapy or oily surfaces. Hence, people who are employed in the area where traction control is necessary can count on these well-designed shoes that will keep them safe and comfortable all the time.


Skechers for Work Soft Stride-Softie for women

Skechers for Work Soft Stride-Softie When you have to deal with slippery floors at work or elsewhere, it is best to get into your most dependable footwear that will prevent you from getting into nasty accidents. These work shoes for women by Skechers are designed to keep you slip-free and always ready to handle any tough situations at work. To make it even better, you will love how lightweight, flexible and versatile these shoes are. You can wear them even for casual activities, as long as you need greater protection and stability in every step you make.

These shoes have leather uppers that are soft and smooth, which add to your comfort. The midsole provides ample cushioning, and it is lightweight at the same time. To make sure your feet remain dry and fresh, the interior has a breathable lining made of soft fabric. Most importantly, these work shoes have a rubber outsole that offers high abrasion, stability, traction control and slip resistance. As with all Skechers shoes, this product features the brand’s logo on the side and the same athletic look for the footwear.


ASICS GEL-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe for men and women

Your footwear has a massive impact on your safety wherever you are. In areas where there are hazardous surfaces that you need to deal with such as oily, wet and soapy floors, you need optimum protection from slipping and getting injuries from this type of environment. Hence, the Gel Foundation walking shoes by ASICS give you a pair of shoes that are comfortable and slip-resistant. The footwear has a supportive platform that can fight discomfort and fatigue on your feet, which are common experiences among those who stand or walk for several hours on hard flooring.

Other components that add to your comfort each time you put on these shoes include the upper, which is made of a combination of synthetic and natural leather. These materials are low-maintenance and comfortable, so there are no risks of getting any bruises whenever your skin rubs against the shoe’s interior. You also have the option to place your custom orthotics inserts to boost further your comfort. With the brand’s Dynamic Duomax technology, you can obtain the right level of support and stability you need in every stride.


Crocs Unisex Bistro Batali Edition Clog

Crocs are famous for its durable and comfortable shoes that can be worn for casual purposes, leisure activities, and in the workplace. For instance, the Batali Edition Clog by Crocs is specially made to cater to the needs of individuals who are in the healthcare, hospitality and food industry. The footwear is made of a Croslite material that gives you the perfect fit. It is also a breeze to clean these clogs with just water and soap. So, you do not need to go through a stressful experience in keeping your shoes looking like brand new even after a tiring day at work.

The toe area is fully enclosed for added protection, and there is a unique metatarsal material incorporated in this area to secure your feet from spills. Most importantly, these are slip-resistant clogs that exceed industry ratings and standards for safety. With these shoes, you can free yourself from pain, discomfort and risks of injuries related to slippery surfaces at the workplace.


Bottom Line

Choosing the best non-slip work shoes may be tough with numerous options available. However, by looking at these highly recommended brands of footwear, you can make the right choice of getting the perfect product that suits your needs and budget.

All in all, these shoes provide super comfort, they’re better looking than most clogs, they’re great anti-slip work shoes, light-weight, soft, and basically anything that the average, long-shift standing employee needs, regarding footwear.

Rating: 4.8 from 5 (10 reviews)