Best Men Shoes for Bunions

Bunions occur most commonly in women, but many men suffer from bunions. If you are a man with the bunion pain and have a hard time to find a pair of shoes, finding right shoes can relieve bunion pain. The bunions happen due to the swelling of the large toe joint which causes the big toe to turn towards the 2nd toe while the big toe joint bulges outwards. The Bunions may be caused by flat feet, wearing tight shoes, misalignment of foot and leg bones. Sometimes bunions run in the family.

To relieve bunion pain, look for the men’s shoes with wide toe box, soft leather or stretchable upper with arch support. These shoes will prevent rubbing against the bunions. We have created a list of best men shoes for bunions and all these shoes come with wide toe box.



ECCO HELSINKI Dress ShoeOne of the best men shoes for bunions, the ECCO Helsinki dress shoe offers the perfect fit that you look for in quality footwear for your condition. Since bunions may also be linked with a fallen transverse arch, you need a pair of shoes that will support the arch properly to reposition your foot. Hence, bunion pain can be minimized, which is a major source of relief and comfort on your part. With this ECCO shoe design, pain and inflammation of bunions are addressed correctly.

This particular footwear comes with a classic design that you can wear at the office or even during casual occasions. The upper leather is soft and breathable at the same time. As for the lining, there is a moisture-absorbent feature that wicks away sweat to keep your feet dry and fresh all the time. These shoes even come with an inlay sole that is covered with leather, and you can remove this portion any time you want for enhanced circulation. With direct injected and lightweight PU outsole, every step you make is a breeze while offering traction and stability.


Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking ShoeWalk in style and comfort with the GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 shoes by Asics. For bunion sufferers, these shoes are quite beneficial because of ample room on the medial side that also adds comfort and superb fit. Infused with GEL material, this serves as a cushioning portion that absorbs shock to make every stride a comfortable one. These walking shoes are also carefully engineered to provide a smooth and effortless heel-to-toe transition. The footbed comes with Ortholite component that does not only add cushioning and shock absorption, but also reduces stress on your foot.

The upper portion of these shoes has mesh fabric, which makes the footwear light and comfortable. You will like the fact that this material allows your feet to “breathe” since there are excellent ventilation and circulation. The NEO 4 has a rubber sole with an abrasion-resistant feature that provides optimum traction and maintains your stability. What’s more, there is maximum padding in the interior that protects your feet from any harsh impact. Durable, stylish and flexible, these shoes are indeed value for your money.


Altra Zero Drop Footwear Instinct Everyday

Altra Zero Drop Footwear Instinct EverydayYou may find some of the best men shoes for bunions out there come with a zero-drop design, yet the feature that Altra offers is a notch above the rest with its thicker midsole for greater cushioning. If you are the person who lives an active lifestyle, then these shoes are for you because of the most comfortable padding in the midsole that also alleviates bunion pain. Even if you jog or bike for hours, you will barely feel any pain or discomfort because of the midsole padding that these shoes come with.

Made of nubuck material, these shoes are comfortable and stylish at the same time. It comes with synthetic sole and zero-drop platform to keep you balanced and adequately supported. The toe box has a foot-shaped design that adds comfort and ensures a great fit, and the outsole provides good traction. Most importantly, these are lightweight shoes that enable you to walk with ease all the time.


Orthofeet Avery Island Oxford

Orthofeet Avery Island OxfordFor bunion pain, you need the right footwear with the proper design that addresses this particular condition. In particular, the Avery Island Oxford shoes are biomechanically designed to meet the needs of men who suffer from some foot-related issues including bunions, hammer toes, corns, pronation, metatarsal pain, low back pain, knee pain and plantar fasciitis, to name a few. This particular model of shoes is also regarded as one of the finest orthopedic and therapeutic shoes because of its outstanding cushioning, stability and support.

The orthotic insole comes with numerous layers with excellent arch support, plus the heel seat is padded with gel to reduce foot and heel pain that is common with plantar fasciitis. You can also remove the insole in case you prefer to use your customized orthotics. The overall design of these shoes is non-binding, which means the padding is made of smooth and soft fabric that boosts comfort and protection for people with sensitive feet. The upper has an added depth for the design, and there is a roomy toe box to reduce pressure on bunions and hammer toes.


Orthofeet Shreveport Hiking shoes

Orthofeet Shreveport Hiking shoesComfortable, supportive and durable, the Shreveport hiking shoes by Orthofeet is a must-have for people with foot problems such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, and hammer toes. The footwear has a lightweight design for easy and stress-free gait, and the sole has an ergonomic design that softens each step. Thus, foot motion is properly facilitated to minimize stress and pain of joints of your foot. There is even a soft lining made of smooth fabric, with foam padding on the entire area to prevent pressure points while enhancing comfort. The toe box is spacious and wide, which is perfect for people with hammertoes and bunions.

Also, these shoes come with a convenient lacing system that is called “tie-less”. This means, laces, loop straps and hook are integrated to offer an easy means of fastening or unfastening the shoe. This is specifically beneficial for people who do not prefer tying shoe laces. With these therapeutic shoes, you should be able to expect total comfort and support as bunion pain is relieved.


Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Running ShoeMaking its way to this list of top-rated shoes for men with bunions, the Wave Rider 19 features a wide toe box for ample room and comfort when you suffer from various foot conditions. It features the Parallel Wave Technology that combines breathability; comfortable fit and support that you need to alleviate foot pain. The sole is also made of high-quality materials to provide you with ease in every step you make.

Regarding performance, construction and overall feel of the footwear, you will be satisfied with the Wave Rider 19. The sole design allows you to run with comfort, and the interior is roomy and cushioned. You can run, walk or do your workouts with these shoes and not experience any pain in your leg, ankle, foot, and knee with the combined technology and design of these shoes.


Bottom Line

When choosing the best men shoes for bunions, be sure to consider these options for the finest brands of footwear that will meet your particular needs and standards. With proper fit, cushioning and ample support, you expect relief from pain and discomfort on your foot by wearing the right pair of footwear suitable to your condition.

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