Best Chef Shoes for Men

Being a chef can be very rewarding, as it allows you to unleash your creativity and imagination in preparing tasty and good-looking dishes that make customers return to a restaurant or recommend it to their friends. However, the downside of being a chef is that you spend all your work time standing or walking all day on concrete hard and slippery kitchen floors.  Many chefs spend hours to find a pair of best chef shoes for men to prevent injury to their feet, legs and back.

This is why shoes are a very important piece of equipment for any chef. They represent more than just footwear, and they have to offer comfort and protection at the same time. The chef clogs must feature cushions as they need to be able to absorb shocks effectively. They need to have slip resistant soles, as well as a good arch support for the feet. Such shoes have to offer protection in case knives, or heavy kitchenware pieces are dropped or in case hot food is spilled over the feet. They shouldn’t have laces, because, in case hot liquids drop on the feet, he should be able to get rid of the shoes immediately.

Another must-have feature of the is ventilation. Kitchens are by definition hot environments. Therefore, chefs should wear shoes that can effectively deal with the heat. They should be stylish enough to greet guests in the dining area.

This article offers you an overview of the best chef shoes for men, chosen after a thorough research session. All these shoes are awesome for the restaurant workers but look pretty good to be worn outside of it as well.  Women chefs can find our recommendations for best restaurant shoes for women as well.

New Balance 626V2

New Balance 626V2

If you need the best chef shoes for men, then the New Balance 626V2 is a fine option for you. These shoes are perfect for professionals who are always on the move and spend hours on their feet at work. In particular, chefs who need stable and comfortable shoes that allow them to move with ease will appreciate the features of this footwear. There is an optimum comfort, support, and stability that you can get from these New Balance work shoes.

When it comes to maximum cushioning from quality work shoes, then this is exactly what you can get from this top-notch footwear. Considering how you work very hard on a regular basis, it is only right that you wear these reliable work shoes by New Balance. Every step you make is precise and stable, which is important when you are in a work environment that requires excellent traction.

In fact, the 626V2 New Balance work shoe has slip-resistant outsoles that can keep you on the move without the risk of losing your balance. You will also like the feeling as if you are walking on air because of the great amount of cushioning that these shoes offer. So you can prevent yourself from experiencing strain, cramps or any hint of discomfort while you are on your feet.

These shoes also come with a compression-molded midsole, so this should ensure the stability of your movement. As for the uppers, the material used is leather, which adds to the elegant appeal and ease of cleaning the shoes. You will also like the fact that the outsole has an oil-resistant and non-marking quality, and these features ensure your safety and protection while you are in the workplace. There is even a new and improved lug pattern for enhanced grip on surfaces that can be hazardous.

It is worth noting that this New Balance shoe is Medicare approved. It comes with an HCPCS code of A5500, for your reference. This means that the footwear is eligible for reimbursement from Medicare, thus adding to its benefits. Lastly, you can choose from different widths for these shoes including 4E and 6E.

SKECHERS Work Rockland

SKECHERS Work Rockland

For those who are particular about the quality of work shoes they wear, the Skechers Work Rockland should be an excellent choice to consider. These work shoes by Skechers come with a smooth and soft leather upper, combined with leather overlays for enhanced durability for the construction. As a typical feature in Skechers shoes, there is an embossed S logo found on the side, plus stitching detail to give the footwear a unique design.

When it comes to support and comfort, these shoes are second to none. There are padded collar and tongue to promote exceptional comfort even if you have to wear these shoes for several hours. The lining is made of soft fabric that is breathable at the same time, so this should keep your feet fresh, cool and dry. This is important as you can expect total hygiene since there is nothing to worry about moisture or foul odor on your feet.

The Lace-Up closure provides a secure, snug and comfortable fit at the same time. For a customized fit, you also have the option to remove the insole, thus giving you additional cushioning that you need.

As for the outsole, these shoes have a cleated edge detailing, which gives it an additional appear. Traction is provided, as these shoes have a rubber outsole that is OSHA-compliant and ultra flexible for ease in walking. With the electrical hazard safe design of the footwear, you can be sure that these shoes are safe to wear even if the floor condition is oily or wet. With all of these features, it is not surprising the Skechers Work Rockland is one of the best chef shoes for men that you can count on for comfort, support, and durability.

Dansko Wil

Dansko WilChefs that move a lot in their kitchen will be very happy with this shoe model. Dansko Wils are accepted by American Podiatric Association. They are very lightweight slip on shoes, great for wearing on hard floor surfaces. The slip resistant outsole is perfect for walking on slippery kitchen floors without unwanted incidents. These shoes feature an excellent temperature control thanks to their sock lining. If needed, the footbed can be removed.  They feel snug and need a break in.

The special design of these shoes and their PU midsole offer an excellent arch support and cushioning, therefore being suitable even for an 8 to 12-hour shift work.

MOZO Sharkz

MOZO Sharkz

These shoes are also lightweight, stylish and comfortable, offering effective foot protection to chefs who need to stand for long hours every day. The innovative Mozo Fit System Technology makes it possible to remove the shim inserts. This helps with adjusting your shoes to the perfect size, as they aren’t available in half sizes.  The Spider Traction slip resistant sole make them perfect for oily and slippery surfaces.

Mozo Sharkz Shoes are made from water-resistant synthetic materials, which is soft, comfortable and very easy to clean.

Birkenstock Professional Profi Birki

Birkenstock Professional Profi Birki

If spilling water on the kitchen floor is a regular habit in your restaurant, these shoes are perfect for you as a chef, because they won’t let the water penetrate to your feet. Thanks to their excellent arch support, these shoes are comfortable for all day wearing. The polyurethane anti-slip soles will prevent you from slipping, even when you’re in a hurry and moving fast from sink to stove or any other place inside the kitchen. They can perfectly cope even in the case of greasy and oily floors.

The upper is made of Alpro-foam, which makes them water resistant and weather resistant.  Footbed can be removed, and best of all insoles can be washed.  They are lightweight, comfy and one of the best chef shoes for men on feet all day.

Beware that the sizes are quite unusual, so you’ll want to order one size down if you want them to fit you properly.  They run wide and can be perfect for wide feet.

Crocs Men’s Bistro Vent

Crocs Men’s Bistro Vent

The best thing about the Crocs is that they are made from an odor-resistant material. The excellent degree of comfort they offer, together with the perfect grip, even on slippery surfaces, make the Crocs one of the best choices of chefs worldwide.

They are well-cushioned, lightweight and have supportive footbed.  They are roomy, which is perfect of bunions and wide feet.

These chef’s clogs feature a very good ventilation, thanks to the side vents. These vents are also useful in case you have to step into the water, as they will allow it to go out as fast as it came in.

The unique design of these shoes makes them a great choice for people who suffer from back pain problems. They enable a correct posture throughout the day, thus eliminating tension in legs or the spine muscles.

Reebok Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

Reebok Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

Another highly recommended pair of shoes for chefs, the Reebok Work N Cushion 2.0 walking shoes for men offer you optimum comfort that you want when you are always on the move. You will love how the footwear provides the right amount of cushioning that supports your heels and toes, which is important when you are always on your feet. Considering the tough work situation that you go through each day, you deserve to wear shoes with the soft footbed, yet supportive midsole and outsole to prevent any discomfort all day.

The best thing about the Reebok work shoes is the maximum level of support that these deliver to your feet. There is a beveled heel construction that promotes ease and comfort with each stride, as well as a slip-resistant component for the outsole for enhanced durability and stability. What’s more, these shoes have a low-cut design to facilitate greater comfort, along with breathability features.

Chefs work in a type of environment where the floor surface tends to be unpredictable. When there are spills and oils on the floor, these increase one’s chances of slipping or losing balance. Hence, the Reebok Work N Cushion 2.0 makes it possible for you to stay safe and comfortable all day, even if the work condition can be a bit of a challenge.

If you have wide feet, these are available in wide sizes. It is all about finding the right fit for you to avoid any issues regarding the comfort and support level of the shoes.

These shoes are perfect not only for the workplace but even for casual and formal settings. If you need durable walking shoes that you can wear at the park, the mall, or elsewhere, then this product should meet your high standards entirely.

Those who have bought these shoes were impressed by the unparalleled cushioning that supports the foot. In fact, the cushion is thick, yet very soft at the same time. It also molds and matches the contours of the foot, which is important in promoting comfort. Some people commented on the fact that the foam felt rather strange as it moved up under their toes when they move. However, this movement of the foam only proves that this unique feature helps prevents fatigue and strain on the foot.

Although Sanita or Dansko may be a bit superior regarding arch support, comfort and looks, Crocs are perfect because they are fairly inexpensive, easy to clean and easy to wear. Besides, they don’t look that bad, so you can even show yourself wearing them in front of your guests if needed.

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