Best Boots for Bunions

If you are a bunion sufferer, you have a limited footwear selection to accommodate your painful big toe bump called bunions. The shoe selection becomes even more challenging if you have other foot problems such as flat feet in addition to bunions. You also need to find best boots for bunions when the winter season arrives. Some of you may be looking for work boots for bunions if work in a restaurant, construction or another kind of working environments. Some of you may be diabetic in addition to the painful bunions.

A bunion is the swelling and deviation of the big toe at the metatarsal joint which becomes painful and worse over time due to the friction and rubbing caused by hard leather, tight, pointed-toe footwear. The Bunions are most common with flat feet overpronation which can be fixed with stability and motion control boots and shoes. Poorly fitted or improperly sized boots will only add to the pain you feel when you are dealing with bunions. Choosing the right boots for big toe pain will help to alleviate the problem.

Bunions are a progressive deformity of the big toe joint; it can lead to further complications if left untreated. To relieve the bunion pain, you need to reduce the pressure on the big toe by wearing shoes with good arch supports or inserting orthotics. The arch support is necessary to distribute your weight more evenly, transferring your weight from your big toe joint to the arch of the foot, where it belongs.

Below few factors that you need to consider before buying best boots for bunions.

  • Roomy toe box
  • Good arch support with Stability and motion control footwears to control overpronation
  • Removable footbed to replace orthotics if needed
  • Soft leather or stretchable material
  • Well cushioned footbed to distribute evenly to prevent stress on the bunions

Custom orthotics are a great option, especially for an early or developing bunion.  These help correct malalignment problems and can keep a bunion from developing further.  They can also relieve some of the pressure on the great toe joint.

There are many shoe brand that offers boots with wide toe box and stretchable upper. We have found some bunion boots for workplaces and winter.


UGG Classic Short Boot for Women

UGG Classic Short Boot for WomenThis classic short boot from UGG is one of the best boots for bunions that you can find in the market today. These boots are made of the softest material, which makes them ideal for individuals who are suffering from bunions. What’s more, the footwear comes with a roomy interior, and this keeps your toes comfortable with plenty of room. Made of imported sheepskin with manmade sole, you can expect optimum comfort and ease with every step you take with these stylish and classy boots. From the exterior to the outsole to the midsole interior, these boots are highly supportive and comfortable in every way.

These short boots provide your feet with the warmth that you need when the temperature dips. In fact, you can wear these until spring time and feel very much comfortable. Since these boots come with a versatile design, you can wear these with your skirt and pants. There are also numerous colors available for these boots, so you can select the one that matches your wardrobe for the day. Just make it a point to waterproof these boots for maximum comfort when worn on slushy or wet surfaces.


FLY London Yama Ankle Boot for Women

FLY London Yama Ankle BootOnce the weather gets a little chilly, it’s time to put on these ankle boots by FLY. You will love the stylish and elegant appeal of these boots, which are also ideal for people with bunions. The sole is thick and firm enough to offer the level of comfort you need from the midfoot to the forefoot each time you move your feet. Hence, this minimizes stress on bunions, which can be a great relief when you need to walk or stand for hours. These ankle boots also have a wide toe box to eliminate pain and discomfort due to friction against your bunions.

This boot is made of a soft suede for the upper with a footbed constructed out of cushioned latex. There is a 2.75-inch heel that offers you a slight boost, as well as support for your foot. Keep in mind that these boots run wide, so it may not be the perfect fit for people with narrow feet. These Yama ankle boots are outstanding when you want to have a comfortable experience as you walk around the city on a chilly and frigid night or day!

FitFlop Zip Up Crush Suede Boot

FitFlop Zip Up Crush Suede BootA winter must-have, these FitFlop suede boots are designed to keep your feet warm and fresh even when the temperature reaches subzero. The footwear is made of the finest and softest leather material for the upper, and there is a rounded and roomy toe box to cater to bunion sufferers. You will also find it easy to put these boots on and take them off, thanks to the side zipper included in the design. Whether you are headed to the office, a girls’ night out, or a casual meeting with friends, these FitFlop boots should be the perfect choice of footwear during the cold weather. Finally, you never have to worry about having cold and freezing toes with these ultra-comfortable and warm boots.

These chic boots by FitFlop are made of the micro-wobble board for the midsole, which includes three layers of elastic and soft EVA that minimize the pressure on your feet. So, when you need to do a lot of walking or standing for hours, you can expect to feel absolutely no pressure or stress on your feet with these elegant boots. Furthermore, these boots have heels that give you a boost of height. With a sassy slouchy collar, inside zipper and amazingly soft suede material for the leg, your feet will thank you for these fabulous boots that are worth every dollar you pay. You will also have no problem pairing these boots with your outfits since these go well with almost anything – cropped trousers, knit jumper, skirt, dress, tights or skinny jeans.


Danner Vicious 4.5 Inch Non-Metallic Toe Work Boot

Danner Vicious 4.5 Inch Non-Metallic Toe Work BootWhen the kind of job you have requires tough, durable, warm and comfortable footwear, then these work boots by Danner are your best bet. Combined with fabric and leather, these materials for the boot are designed to ensure durability and stability of the footwear. Most importantly, these boots are comfortable to wear, and there should be no problem even if you need to stand for hours or stay in a workplace that is quite frigid for any regular footwear to handle. With padded tongue and collar, these work boots should keep your feet and toes warm all the time. There is also a breathable material for the interior coupled with a slip-resistant lug sole to keep your every step steady and well-supported.

The Danner work boot offers a secure and comfortable fit while giving ample room for your toes to move around. The outsole has a 90-degree low profile heel, and this is ideal to give you ease of movement on your work. People with bunions should not have any problem with these boots because of its abrasion-resistant cap for the heel, wide toe box, and ultra-soft interiors. There is also a breathable and waterproof inner liner that provides a comfortable area for your foot. Lightweight, durable and fashionable, these boots are just what you want for this kind of weather. It is even easy to maintain this work boot, which adds to your convenience in keeping it in outstanding condition after use.

If you have bunions, and your job requires you to wear work boots, it is hard to find wide toe box boots that do not rub against bunions. The good news is that there are shoe brands that manufacture comfortable boots for bunions. One such boot is Danner Vicious 4.5 Inch Non-Metallic Toe Work Boot.
The toe box is roomy and relieves bunion pain. They provide excellent arch support and cushioning. The soft upper leather forms to the shape of a bunion. Other features are deep heel cup, and EVA cushioned footbed for shock absorption and comfort, waterproof, slip resistant to oil and abrasion resistant toe cap.


Bottom Line

These best boots for bunions offer great value for your money because of all the right features these come with. For instance, these boots are noted for their incredible comfort as the interiors are made of soft fabric with breathable components that keep your feet dry, fresh and warm. As for the uppers, these come with leather material, which enhances the chic and elegant appeal of the footwear. Lastly, you can waterproof these boots, so you can wear them even when the weather is wet or slushy. Check out these top-rated boots and find the best pair that suits you perfectly!


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